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Not loving the idea  so much now, of tx,  via Study for New drugs.

Mar 06, 2008 - 1 comments

Generic tx 4 ME !!!??

I called my GI today, wanting the NP to return my call when she had time, who answers, why it's Dr. E himself!!! This is the third time he has answered his phone when I've called the office.  He asked,' wassup'?, I almost said, 'yes', but told him instead that I was having second thoughts about the Protease, Phase III study. NO RESCUE DRUGS, 2.5 hours to Cedars Hosp., 15 min. walk from parking garage to W. Tower 1/2 way around the block, Faceing an additional 6 month waiting to start tx, etc. blah blah blah. Dx'd a year ago.. Yaddah yaddah.  He said he'd pull my chart, confer w/ his NP, and they'd call me back to set up an appt..  I almost cried with relief.  I'm still not sure that they will start me on conventional tx, soon or?? I am however, becoming a bit more hopeful. Shoooot, I could be 1/2 way through my tx, in 6 mos. time, instead of starting then.  I'll let my heppy pals know as soon as I find out.   I'm thinkin' GROUP HUG !!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Wassup, Mar 07, 2008
Above post was, of course, from Ant B. Who else, with all the hugs going around??

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