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Stress eating

Nov 15, 2012 - 2 comments

Today has been a test of my determination to not stress eat. I was worried about bills, trying to pick up extra shifts at work to make sure I would have rent at the end of the month. I get home from work in the morning to find my daughter had figured out how to work the bolt lock on my front door and went outside. A neighbor lady found her and my roomates daughter, she called the police and they brought them back. It was over by the time I got home, but it was still super super scary! we bought a sliding lock for the top of the door. my daughter is getting too big too fast. Ah so scary, I wanted to just eat food all day. I talked to my daughter and explained why she couldn't do that and how dangerous it was. We had a good day and later we went to the park and ran around so I could burn off my energy and the girls could play. We took a nap together and I felt better, being a mom is hard. not cause its physically difficult but because its so much, so much love so much worry so much hope and so much letting go as she grows and asserts her own influence upon the world. I have to wonder, am I teaching her right? Am I showing her how to survive and thrive in our world while still being a good person? I know I cant protect her from everything but how do I know I have given her everything I can to face and concur her life challenges. Oh its hard, its scary to love someone so much. It's totally worth it. Oh and she is not even three yet! goddess bless us

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by pegjenk, Nov 15, 2012
Are you indicating that she is left alone while you are working?  If so, this is not a wise choice.  Perhaps you can find a neighbor or family member to watch her while you are gone.  Three is too early to be by herself.  Make a list of the things you can do that makes you feel easy or relaxed.  When you are stressed, pull in one of your skills.  Meditation is wonderful to help yourself centered.  Deep breathing for a few minutes can also help.  Yoga is all about centering and removing your stress, giving you skills you can use when your stressed.

I am trying to control the food I have around me.  I do not make bread products, buy chips, candy, etc.  If I just have to have something, I buy one slice, or one piece.  You could then cut the thing in half and give some to the baby.  If it would not be good for her, don't buy it for you.

My stressor is family of origin stuff. Yesterday I give myself permission to binge.  I then went to the store, and stocked up on yogurt, grapes, stuff for sandwiches and salads.  I am done with it today.  Controlling it seems to be the key.

Oh, if she leaves the house while you are sleeping, put a higher lock on the door.  

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by carlockl1986, Nov 16, 2012
LOL, no she isn't alone my roommate is home when I am not. I would never leave her alone that just irresponsible and we bought a higher sliding lock for the door. It was scary though. I don't have any breads in my house and limited amounts of starches which I eat rarely. I also try and limit my fruit intake because it is sugar as well. I agree its about controlling it and also knowing your triggers and preparing for things. For example if I wait too long to eat I get super hungry and then I will binge eat and not stop so I have to remember to eat regulary and good sustaining foods like protein and healthy fats, lots of green veggies they help me feel full especially if they are raw. thanks for the comment, its wonderfulo to have people that know what its like.

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