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Feeling Blessed!!!!-but sad

Mar 07, 2008 - 1 comments

    One week post-op with zero cancer!!!! What a lucky woman I am. The only sadness I have at this time is for each and every one of you that has not received a positive outcome. My heart and  love go out to every one of these ladies. If my positive thoughts could make everyone well they would be all I would think about 24/7. (maybe, I'll just do that anyway!)
    I think I'll continue being a member of this forum if for no other reason than to be one more caring, praying, hoping person for everyone. Iremember how scared I was about two weeks ago and their response, honestly, got me through.
    Now, all I need is Spring, and I will really be living a Fairy Princess life.

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by el_dave, Apr 19, 2008
You said something nice about me-- thank you! I doubt I can live up to your kind words, but at least I can try.

I wanted you to know that my wife had that thing also.. hysterectomy.. and so did my lady friend, and her Mom, and my Aunt.. more people than I care to think about, actually! Only my wife's left a mark (loss of libido and large weight gain because of the medicines she's had to take) but since she was supposed to be "terminal" in 1991 we just make adjustments and are glad she's still here.

What I was wondering is, has it always been this way? Such a large percentage of ladies I know have had to have that particular procedure, without which it's said they would no longer be with us.. back at the turn of the century, for instance, did they all just die or something? Is it just a coincidence that such a large percentage of females of my acquaintance have had that procedure?

I hope you don't mind my asking for your input on this. I figure that since you had to go through it you may have "studied up on it" and have knowledge that might help me satisfy my curiosity.

We who are survivors of war have some slight concept of how it might feel to survive cancer, except it must be even better when the enemy was internal. I'm so glad you 'whupped up on' the beast!

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