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Finally the scale moved in the right direction!

Feb 04, 2009 - 0 comments

After dieting, hard, for 4 straight days and gaining weight on those days, Tuesday morning I woke up and I had lost weight down .8 lbs! I am so excited! Then of course I started my cycle so this morning a small .2lb gain I'm not upset about. Hopefully tomorrow will be another loss. I've never worked so hard, exercising and calorie counting, in my life, and been so darn honest about the calories. I've been working hard to not get discouraged! I keep telling myself eventually the numbers will add up and the weight will come off!

I've been going to a chiropractor for my headaches and they are at a minimum now too. I still have one side that is almost frozen, he can't get it to crack either. He said my neck is so bad it is like a whiplash injury. Yikes! I really waited too long to go! Anyways I am glad I am going and feeling better!

The cyst is off and of again pain. I think it was hurting worse last week because my cycle was about to start. It was bothering me a little during my hike this weekend but it hasn't bothered me all week so far (knock on wood!) hopefully it stays this way for a little bit.

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