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Jan 09

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Jan 2nd-----Surgery day!
  11am get to surgery center for the laproscopic surgery with the OB... the anethesiogolist was wonderful!!! ah the meds couldn't have made it any easier.... gotta love that dr :)....thanks btw! if only you could have came home with me for the recovery period lol. cue to the follow up visit...well it seems i had a cyst the size of a golfball on the left ovary with damage on the ovary as well. he doc had to "work" on it. and it seems my uterus isn't where it's supposed to be sitting. and the kicker endometriosis! it seems that i developed it from having 3 previous c-sections and my tubal. man oh man if i had only known! well now my body ain't responding to the birth control no longer so it changed to Nortrel from Ortho tri cyclen! here we go hopefully for the last time. he says i'm headed for a hysteroctomy if things do not improve.................... still having a period with only a 2 to 4 day break w/out bleeding! what's wrong????

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