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Feb 05, 2009 - 0 comments

WELL, i am officially 2 days late today!! i woke up at 6:30 having to pee and before i made it the bathroom which is about 3 steps from my bed i ended up going on myself but only a lil bit. so i didn't get to test with fmu which frustrates me. since then i have peed twice and to tell the truth i feel like i am about to go again! i coughed just a few minutes ago and felt my stomach tighten really tight and then release. i thought i was gonna start yesterday evening because i was cramping in my back on the left side but when i lay down on my right side the pain went away and hasn't come back!! on top of everything we are burying my lil nephew at 1pm today......instead of having an arrangement made by a floral shop and paying 40 bucks or more i opted to make one myself for about 12.00 and it turned out beautiful. my brother and sil loved it! they asked me to write the poem that goes in the burial card and also write the obituary for the pastor to read today and so far it's almost done.....but with all that has gone on, if i am preggo im afraid if i tell them this soon then it will break there hearts even more than they already are and i dont want to see them hurting anymore.

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