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February 2009 IUI and 2ww log

Feb 05, 2009 - 1 comments

1/26/09 - CD1

CD 2 - started follistim @ 75 and lupron @ .05 and did first acupuncture treatment

CD 3 - CD 7 continued at same doses (u/s on CD 6 - showed many little follies developing!)

CD 8 -  had u/s and had 1 fol @ 19mm and 3 @15mm so I was told to come back the next day and was lowered to dose of 50

CD 9 - hadn't grown much, so continued another dose at 50 and did acupuncture

CD 10 - had 4 follies betweeen 19-21mm, and MANY more in the 14-16mm range!  Trigger @ 9pm tonight!

CD 11 (2/5/09) - had IUI at approx 9am - in the past I have felt bloated and cramping already the morning of, but today I feel really good.  Slight cramping and bloating, but not much!
- did another acupuncture session right after IUI
- Breasts VERY tender.  VERY tired all day - slept 2-4:30 and still went to bed at 11:30
- occassional twinges that MAY be O pains?  Nothing severe though
- BD at night

CD 12 / 1dpIUI - starting to feel tender fullness in belly of ballooning ovaries - also crampy.  
- breasts still very tender
- throughout the day ovary tenderness got increasingly worse (by 5pm I could hardly walk) - definitely had serious O pains starting about 9pm so we BD'd again just in case

CD 13 - 2dpIUI - Still feeling tender fullness but not as bad, and not too much bloating - definitely not like past times w/OHSS
- breasts still tender but not as much
- had definite "PMS" moment in the evening when I wanted to kill dh for no reason
- started getting menstrual type cramps at night
- breasts definitely bigger/pointier

CD 14 - 3dpIUI - tenderness in belly getting better but still very much there
- breast tenderness subsiding a bit, although I had a little bit of "nipple burn" this evening
- menstrual type cramps coming and going
- dh thinks breasts got even bigger!

CD 15 - 4dpIUI - definitely feeling weird today - but I think it's cuz I forgot progesterone last night so I took it first thing in AM
- breasts starting to hurt more
- frequently nauseous (often set off by smell of something) - the smell of the kitchen sponge washing dishes almost made me throw up.  
- Had heartburn frequently - things burned just going down
- still tender inside (excrutiating to pee or poop)

CD 16 - 5dpIUI - still feeling weird
- all the same as yesterday
- had brief "nipple burn"
- tenderness inside got REALLY bad at times (worrisome)

CD 17 - 6dpIUI - feeling dizzy and nauseous again
- still MAJOR heartburn (things burn even going down and feel like there's a fire in my belly sometimes)
- breast tenderness there but not as bad, but had some "nipple burn" briefly today and yesterday
- smell thing still happening
- inside tenderness FINALLY starting to get better
- boobs still big!
- upper belly blew up like with OHSS - but not as much pain (did have alarming pains and even some chest pains at night)

CD 18 - 7dpIUI - dizziness, nausea and heartburn feeling better today
- breasts still a little tender - mostly to touch
- NO smell thing today
- upper belly still VERY distended and solid - but not too much pain with it
- inside tenderness still hurts to press on lower belly and to pee/poop but don't feel as much walking or sitting as before
- tested at 7pm and FRER was quite dark! - trigger still not out of system
- felt very weird and dizzy again at night (saw trails) - I think it's the prometrium

CD 19 - 8dpIUI - belly still tender inside and distended
- tested FMU - MUCH lighter only 12 hours after previous test!  Trigger almost gone
- some heartburn and breast pain was worse today
- some smell issues
- felt very weird and dizzy/nauseous again (seems to happen same time each night so I think it's prometrium - even though it starts in evening and I don't take til right before bed)
- had weird dreams

CD 20 - 9dpIUI - belly still distended, but not as tender inside
- bouts of nausea
- just a touch of breast tenderness
- no heartburn or smell
- af cramps at night
- had weird dreams

CD 21 - 10dpIUI - belly still distended, but not as tender inside
- VERY nauseous when we left the house this morning - threw up stomach acid into my hands in the car! COMPLETELY out of nowhere and unexpectedly!
- touch of breast tenderness
- quite dizzy and intermittently nauseous rest of day
- occassional af cramps
- no heartburn or smell issues

CD 22 - 11 dpIUI - still very nauseous
- very dizzy
- daytime temp between 99 and 99.8 today and yesterday
- heartburn
- breasts only hurt a little when pressed

CD 23 - 12 dpIUI - not many symptoms
- BFN this morning
- breasts only hurt when pressed
- some at cramps

CD 24 - 13 dpIUI - woke up w/af cramps and have had them pretty baddly intermittently all day
- lots of thin CM
- still BFN on FRER
- breasts only hurt when pressed
- very sad
- cramps got really bad at night again - gushing CM (keep thinking it's blood)
- boobs still huge and actually hurt a little more
- got really dizzy and nauseous tonight

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by km_hji, Mar 11, 2009
I hope u get a big fat positive. I am on a 2ww and its horrible...
I am very irregular wit h my periods:
1st round: 50mg clomid, hcg trigger
2nd round: 50mg clomid and Femera and I had 2 growing follicles but just one got bigger and by day 22 it got 19mm and we did the trigger for ovulation. But AF showed up
3rd round: I had a heavy period. 50mg clomid , Femera and after continuing the cycle monitoring, found out I have cyst so we cancelled the monitoring
4th round: Induced with provera to get the period but I had very light period. I am never that light....but this time it was very light . I would see it only when I wipe it and I had 100mg clomid, dexamethasone, gonal-f hormones injection. I had 2 follicles on both ovaries but I lost one and it dint grow beyond 1.1 cm so the doc canceled by cycle and he reviewed my file. He told me I have PCOS so he put me on Metformin right away and waited for next cycle. So another cancelled cycle
5th round: induced with provera and I had a very light blood again. I would see it only when I wipe it. I was worried it will not work again...I was put on 150mg of clomid along with the metformin that I had been taken for the past month. Till day 15 my follicles dint even grow 1 cm. so now the doc is going to reviewed me again . After the metformin I had very high hopes for this time but I was very disappointed. Apparently I have lazy ovaries. Doc decided to perform Laproscopy ovarian cautery on Jan 23rd 2008

6th Cycle: On day 3 I had really weird pressure pain near my pelvic and rectal area. it lasts for about an hour on/off and it feels as if something is going to brust out open. Had 24mm follice by day 24 and HCG Trigger And 2ww

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