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I wish today had a "do over" button

Nov 17, 2012 - 0 comments

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I came up short on calories yesterday. I sincerely would have thought that going over on calories would have been my problem, but no, I can't do anything right. I even screw up when it comes to failing at my diet. I was going to try to eat something else, I gave up and went to bed though because I wasn't hungry.

There is junk food here I could have gone for, that would have brought the number of calories up in no time flat, but I didn't really feel like having any.

I also got my chains and handles in the mail. Except I needed ball chains. I ordered ball chains. They sent me twist chains. I contacted them via email, but no word so far. If their customer service is anything like their shipping department I'm not expecting a prompt response. I'll call Monday morning and see if they'll fix their mistake, until then I'm going to use the chains they sent with my homemade tennis ball poi.

What a great way to make an impression on a new customer: charge $9 for UPS ground but mail USPS First Class shipping, mail late, and don't send the right order.

Too bad its not a good impression.

I did put in another order (for a full ball poi set) with another business because I was getting antsy about the first company, so maybe Monday or Tuesday I'll have a set to use and all will be right in the world.

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