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11-19-12 Wks 15 - 19 labs

Nov 19, 2012 - 5 comments

                   Wk 15              Wk 16           Wk 17          Wk 18           Wk 19
HGB             10.8                  10.8               11.2             10.5               10.8
RBC               3.16                 3.16                3.15             3.06               3.10
WBC              2.12                  2.40               2.18             2.15               2.02
ANC                 .7                    1.1                  .72               .45(Neup)       .69
PLT                 84                    75                  70                 41                  55
AST(11-66)       49                    60                  60                 61                  67*
ALT(9-52)          53*                  58*                 61*                71*                80*

VL                                          <5 (UND)

ANA w/Titer                                                                                            NEG
Anti Smooth Muscle                                                                                Pending
ACE (9-67)                                                                                               63********

My NP called and said I have autoimmune disease (Sarcoidosis) since the ACE test was high.  That is the reason for my ALT/AST numbers rising and out of range.  She is ordering additional blood tests, chest x-ray, and wk 20 VL.

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1669790 tn?1333666195
by flcyclist, Nov 19, 2012
Sorry to hear about the Sarcoidosis and hope it resolves itself after tx.  Aside from the resulting AST/ALT numbers, everything looks good.  Your ANC looks to be holding its own with a little help of Neupogen on occasion.  It looks like your tx team is keeping a good eye on your progress.  Keep on chugging along and stay warm :-)

1815939 tn?1377995399
by pooh55811, Nov 19, 2012
Jules, you know I am thinking of you and I am sending positive energy, warm thoughts, and the best of wishes your way.   I know you are a very strong and courageous woman. You will prevail. (And, hopefully this will resolve after Tx.)

1840891 tn?1431551393
by ceanothus, Nov 20, 2012
Jules, I'm so sorry to hear you have another new diagnosis to deal with. I hope it is just a temporary response due to the HCV meds, and I'm sending lots of good energy your way to help you stay strong. Hang in there!

163305 tn?1333672171
by orphanedhawk, Nov 20, 2012
Sorry about your difficulties.
My thoughts are with you.
Stay strong and keep your eye on the goal.
I made it, you can too:)

Avatar universal
by Advocate1955, Nov 21, 2012
Jules, I don't know much about auto immune and Sarcoidosis, but I am sending well wishes your way.  Hang in there.

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