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8 weeks after tx

Nov 19, 2012 - 0 comments

I'm now 8 weeks post-EOT (48 weeks of triple tx with Incivek). My blood counts (HGB, ANC, platelets)  have recovered faster than I expected, so I can no longer  blame my continuing fatigue on anemia. My tx-related problems are improving quite a bit now, with the insomnia, the RLS, and the intestinal problems about 90% improved. My skin problems are about 60% improved, my hair is not yet recovering at all, and my fatigue levels are at best 10% improved – oh, and I've regained 3-4 lbs of the 25 I lost during tx (I hope to keep the rest off). I'm pretty anxious about whether I will relapse or not, but I am really enjoying being off those meds!

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