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I have gone totally insane.

Nov 20, 2012 - 2 comments

So at exactly 5 months (Yesterday), I took an FTA-ABS.
I spent the last 24 hours, waiting for the reckoning I assumed was coming. Trying to comfort myself, assuming I had a rash (although no one agrees with me), I totally expected it to be positive.

It was negative.
So negative RPR 4 month, Negative Trep-EIA at 4.5 months, Negative FTA-ABS at 5 months!
I still cannot believe it. I have totally lost my mind.

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by ashler1977, Nov 20, 2012
What are your current symptoms?

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by Night292Rec , Nov 20, 2012
Tingling and sore throat. Could be CMV or EBV.
FTA-ABS is usually very sensitive and positive early in Syphilis infection. Negative at 5 months, via all these tests. It seems like that's impossible.

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