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Falling apart at 50?

Mar 08, 2008 - 1 comments



50 and in pain





My mother once told me that you would start falling apart at 50. And if you live through the 60's you would be ok.
This is Saurday March 8, and I just got out the the hospital on Thursday, after having severe pain from pancreastits.
Was in hospital for 2 days with pain killers. The pain was somethng I had not experienced before. I first thought I had the flu. but it was worse. My history is I have always been heavy but relatively healthly. At forty six I had a double by-pass. And now diabeatis type 2 has entered. I think that the pancreastits was brought on by the low carb diet that I was on. I had been on it for 2 weeks and lose about 13 lbs, but like I am I went overboard with the fats. I hope to do better on my low fat diet and keeping my sugar low. Would love to hear from anyone with similar problems. HELP
Thanks for listening.

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by davemc, Mar 26, 2008
Just thought I'd post a comment on your journal...

A good friend and I seem to be in a race to see who can fall apart fastest.  We're both approaching mid-50's and these past few years have been hell for us.  I've always had the good luck to be healthy, though perhaps a bit heavy from time to time.  No major problems, no hospital visits, only routine visits to my primary care doc.  Now I can't seem to get out of the cycle of health problems.  A very rare blood disease, very intense abdominal pain not relieved by gall bladder surgery, now high blood sugar that points to Type 2 diabetes.  

Diet does seem to be the key.  Seems like if you can find the discipline to restrict fat and keep your carb intake to complex carbs (whole grains, fruit) instead of simple carbs (sugar) you'll be doing the best for yourself that's possible.  Good place to start for info on diabetic diet is

With the threat of diabetes facing me I have just gotten very serious about my diet.  Restricting carbs, trying to stay low-fat, and most importantly trying to manage portion control.  Too soon to tell what the outcome will be.  Many people who cut out sugar begin to feel so much better.  I'm hoping for the same -- maybe that'll work for you too.

Here's hoping that your current woes are just temporary and life ahead of you gets a WHOLE LOT better!!

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