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I'M a supa freak supra freaky owhh

Feb 07, 2009 - 0 comments

ok, so i have been in my own little world with my own little freaky thyroid issues. graves, hashi's pick one. last 2 weeks felt crappy, upper abdom pain, migraine, back hurts, no appetite, get the deal. go to er, er dr. says.. you have a migraine, and hepatitis and pancreatitis??? huhh? i don't and never have done drugs..he basically accuses me of being an alcoholic...i don't drink either. wow, do i live a boring life. so go to my dr. who confirms enzymes from the liver are up there. have ultrasound, it shows the common bile duct dilated with no obstructions radiologist recommends mrcp test.. my gp thinks it's from the tapazole. call the endo, endo says to stop the tapazole keep on the inderal and have liver levels checked in two weeks. meanwhile back at the bat cave i have now had a MRCP. whatever, another fancy name for mri of the liver, etc. and give us more money! now i sit on a saturday. waiting for monday to see what my future holds. i'm scared, and in pain. my thyroid emotions are wide open and i am cruising in unchartered waters. there is no hope. however, on the positive side the VA has given me compensation for a service connected injury, and now at least my health care will be in Durham who knows- might even get some of those blue devils to work on my brokedown ol' body. want to scream yelll, and cry...all at the same time.

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