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antibiotic resistance

Nov 23, 2012 - 4 comments

really important reading to properly understand why just throwing antibiotics at people isn't in their best interest.  


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by adgal, Nov 24, 2012
Grace, this is such incredibly important information for everyone to have.  Thank you for posting this.

An interesting tidbit I recently learned, and a good one for anyone reading this that has young children.

Lot's of babies and toddlers get ear infections.  Dr.'s tend to prescribe an antibiotic right out of the starting gate.  I asked my Pediatrician why she didn't, and she told me that the vast majority of ear infections are viral, not bacterial.  Dr's will prescribe the antibiotic because it makes the parents feel better even though it doesn't actually do anything for the infection.  I thought that was awful!  We have to be so careful not to overtake these meds and so many Dr.'s still seem to prescribe them rather easily.

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by opus88, Nov 24, 2012
yes thx for posting Grace, this is very important information for us all to be aware of and needs to be reinforced over many times!!
I might add the same is true for animals being given antibiotics as a 'see if it helps' type of diagnosis...they too become resistant by indiscriminate usage by Vets..
We all need to use with caution.

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by gracefromHHP, Nov 24, 2012
In medicine, we are really trying to cut down on antibiotic use in general.  there are of course always exceptions but people need to know it's not in their best interest to insist on an antibiotic out of fear or the misconception that it will make something better faster.  If you have a cold, it's a virus and needs to run its course. If you cheated on your partner, you don't need antibiotics "just in case".  they do have side effects and sometimes they give you more problems than you would've had had you had the infection you were worried about :(  

101028 tn?1419603004
by gracefromHHP, Jul 02, 2013
really can't emphasize enough how it's best to avoid antibiotics unless you have a documented infection.  it's really not worth the risk to your life by self treating or guessing :(

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