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God sent me an angel

Nov 24, 2012 - 0 comments










So in my journey of looking for a home I was down to my last straw so I looked into this house in the town right over from where I'm living now and the Landlord is a Angel,sent to me from God. She is the nicest,sewwetest most helpful person I have ever come across. Most ppl are putting me in a hard place,baiscally giving me thier *** to kiss pretty much. But this lady has been doing nothing but helping me from the day I met her. Shes going to be my landlord but its like shes a saviour. Leading me in the direction I need to go to get things accomplished. Directing me right when I'm going left. I have no idea who she is,but she has what most ppl dont have these days. A HEART!!! I had been feeling so down&out like its the end of the world for me,but shes making me see its not my end its my beginning. Offering to give me rides where I need to go to handle all this business so I'll be able to move into my own home again for myself&my children. I just had to type something because I feel so good right now. Feels good

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