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It's the little things that count

Nov 24, 2012 - 7 comments

I am now moving into my third year of motherhood, and I am beginning to realize it is the little things that matter the most to our child.  We had such a busy day today....we were up at 7 and it was non stop.  We are clearing out our basement (finally!) and Warren did a dump run.  I took a whole bunch of stuff to consignment and charity.  Back home at 10:30, snack and off to Kindermusic Ryder and I went.  Home, lunch and off to our friends daughters 1st birthday.  Back home around 6, dinner and then........

The 3 of us built a gingerbread house.  No, I didn't make it from scratch.  It's one of those kits you can buy.  I assembled the house as Ryder watched almost jumping out of his skin to start sticking candies on it.  He was so very excited.  We sat there for almost 2 hours, sticking icing on and then the candies - laughing as things slid off and the roof came apart.  The gingerbread house is a disaster!  But how much fun did we have putting it together.

It made me realize that it is not what we are doing, but that we are doing it together.  To listen to my little boy's giggles and delighted laughs as we stuck candy after candy on, just to watch it all fall apart.  To him it was the fact that the 3 of us were sitting there together trying to build this thing that mattered.  It made me realize that it is not what the activity is, or that it even be something formal, but that to him what matters is that we are doing it together.  Just put him to bed and I can honestly say that the day was crazy busy, but the evening was absolutely perfect!  

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982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Nov 24, 2012
This makes me very true :)

134578 tn?1517087675
by AnnieBrooke, Nov 25, 2012
That Royal Icing is a crock, isn't it?  Once we put a gingerbread house together with a glue gun after all the icing recipes failed.  

I told my husband the other day that the best thing he could ever do to make me happy was to play attentively with our son.  Augie loves it so much, and it doesn't matter what we are playing, as long as one of us is looking at him and talking to him.

Yesterday he said to me, "Wouldn't it be neat if snow was warm?"  Love that kind of stuff.

973741 tn?1342346373
by specialmom, Nov 25, 2012
Oh yes.  It is so wonderful.  Our kids crave our attention and at times I know I think "YEESH, I need to get something done" but then I remember that this time is fleeting.  So chuck it aside and hang with the kids!!  Who cares if other things aren't perfect right now?

and I've had way too many days of 'running' which is exciting but those times at home, just us hanging out----  we all love them.  Special time and THOSE are often memories.    

I read somewhere that kids really value traditions and if you just start doing something over and over, it becomes an ingrained happy childhood memory.  So, we have our 'things' that we do each and every year that my kids talk about ahead of time because they remember it's what we do!  so you will have to do a family gingerbread house each year together!!  Take pictures to see the changes in each other each year.  Fun!  

1098165 tn?1340760837
by Melissa_71, Nov 25, 2012
what a great feeling and tradition! : )

377493 tn?1356505749
by adgal, Nov 25, 2012
It really was a perfect evening and I am smiling again just thinking about it.  We put on the Christmas music and DH videotaped much of Ryder's decorating (and efforts.  We are going to do this every year - I feel the same way.  Those traditions are something special and it was such a perfect night just for our little family.  Next weekend we are going to put up the Christmas Tree.  Ryder is old enough this year to participate in decorating it.   They have also been making little ornaments at school, and we are going to make some at home with him to.  Can't wait to proudly hang those on our tree.  

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by rivll, Nov 25, 2012
Your description pt me right there with you and your lovely family.
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

317787 tn?1473362051
by Dee1956, Nov 25, 2012
You are so right, you are lucky to know it now, in the moment.  Every little thing you do with them will become a memory.
I did not realize how important those small moments were until my boys were grown
I still have lovely memories of making cookies, and Christmas ornaments with them, boy scouts and the derby cars, etc
You story is wonderful
My best wishes for you and yours.

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