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On Tapering

Feb 08, 2009 - 0 comments





vicodin taper



I have to say that tapering with vicodin to get off the Norco has really been the best way so far to get off of these stupid pills! I have to admit that the first week was pure horror, but in the middle of week 2 on 4 pills per day, I felt better, had more energy, etc. I really got what others on this site say about how you will feel better.

Now, mind you, I do have a bad back with bad pain, and get migraines....BUT....I am working with my doctor, and feel that if the pain is not excruciating, then I don't need opiates.  They were controlling me, others around me have commented on how good I look, including my children.  We are having a genuine laugh and friends have started to come over again.   And this is only in two weeks! I know that life with get stressful and I am sure I will have more trauma, yet I know that opiates are not a way to escape, they are just a band aid for life, and sooner or later we have to face the stuff.  I really do feel I have the strength to do this, I do have some trouble when home alone(my mom was holding my pills, but was giving me three days worth at a time so I was left to my own devices).
I did steal from myself in the beginning, but I made myself suffer until it was time for the next dose.

I guess I am ready to live my life again, that is the key.

For me, anyway.

So, today I start 3 pills per day for two weeks!!!  I am truly breaking free!!!!

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