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Jumping through hoops to get tested for Lyme.

Nov 26, 2012 - 5 comments

Since MedHelp won't allow me to post links to my blog, I'm pasting the entry I wrote earlier about my experience getting tested for Lyme disease here. :)

I'm not sure whether cursing is allowed here, so apologies if this winds up having a lot of asterisks in it. I curse quite a lot in my blog.


I spoke to a few more metaphorical walls today! Gawd. First off, I went to the other clinic location, and who greets me just as I walk in? The nurse I was hoping to avoid. Great. Apparently she was working at that location today. Trying to come up with an explanation for why I went there instead was interesting, too. I muttered some nonsense about my dad not liking me to drive to Pooler. Whatever. Oh well, though, she wound up not doing the lab work anyway because she was busy for a second or something, and the doctor decided to go ahead and do it himself.

I asked the doctor to actually sign the paper this time around, and that unexpectedly turned him from nice guy into complete dickwad within about 3 seconds flat. For some reason completely incomprehensible to me, he thought that my neurologist was the one authorizing the test, and I was just coming to his clinic for the drawing services. I don't know in what universe that actually makes sense seeing how my neurologist has his own damn drawing lab, but...k? So he was upset that I was asking him to sign off on and be responsible for the test, yet I wasn't making him my main doctor. Sorry, dude, but why the hell would I make some random doctor at a walk-in clinic (with horrific reviews ) my main doctor? Also, I thought I was pretty damn clear the, oh, three or four times I explained over the phone that I was looking for a doctor to authorize Lyme testing for me. My apologies if your receptionists don't know how to relay messages to you. That is not, however, my fault. I even asked the first woman I spoke with to ask you if you'd be okay with doing it before I came in for no reason, and she called me back saying you would. I did everything in my power to avoid misunderstandings, but this kind of stuff happens anyway when you're essentially talking to walls.

He did sign the paper, though, and then was all, "I'm going to charge you for a visit since I'm now responsible for these results." I was like, "Uh, no. I already paid for a visit, you're not evaluating me or anything today, I was explicitly told that there wouldn't be any further charge for me, and I'm not paying you 40 bucks to sign your damn name on a paper especially seeing how it's your staff's fault that wasn't taken care of last time." I said it in nicer-ish terms, of course, but you get the idea. He tried to argue with me for a while and then walked off to go talk to another patient. I swear, this is the most ADD clinic I've ever been to in my life. Everyone just runs around from person to person and juggles a million different things at once.

So I go sit in the room and wait for someone to draw the damn blood. I overhear the nurse say that she's going to go take care of my lab work, and the doctor responds, "No you don't have to stop what you're doing. I got it." He comes in the room and is all, "I'm not going to charge you anything else, but I'm not doing any neurology on you because my expertise is what I sell." 1.) I didn't ask you to "do neurology on me." and 2.) Wtf does it mean to "do neurology" anyway? Learn to speak English por favor. Oh, and he took a look at my receipt from Wednesday and threw in, "I saw you as a student, too. Wow did you get some deal from me." Uh, don't offer student rates if you're going to ***** about people taking advantage of them? I didn't tell you to offer them, but the woman on the phone told me to bring my student ID, so that's what I did. You haven't actually done anything for me other than write your name on a paper and look in my throat for 2 seconds anyway, so you really don't even deserve what you got. *******. It's funny because I was actually considering going back to this guy since he's trained in neurology if my new neurologist wound up being worthless like the first one. Now I just want to obtain a copy of the lab results from him and have nothing else to do with him ever agin.

I guess he realized how much of an *** he was being and decided he was going to try being friendly for a second and was all, "You know how I paid my way through college? Drawing blood. My inner vampire is about to come out." Har har, you're not funny, nor are you going to redeem yourself that easily. Finally, he drew the blood and then ran out because he had a patient waiting for him at another clinic or something. I explained to the nurse for the 9000th time that only the serum separator tube had to be centrifuged, and no, she couldn't refrigerate anything because then the lab wouldn't be able to run the CD57. I swear, if "expertise" is what these people are selling as the doctor said, they should be paying ME for *my* expertise because I had to basically explain everything to them.

And then after all of that ********, I dropped the samples off at FedEx to be shipped off to IGeneX. It should not have been that complicated just to have the stupid testing done, but at least that's taken care of.

And now I will be petty and end this with some things people have had to say about this doctor online just to paint a clearer picture of the type of ********* I was dealing with:

"He is still up to his same old trick just a new city. Savannah Ga. Tybee Island. This guy is crazy. This guy needs to be locked up! "

"He is very un-professional. I can not believe he is still in New Mexico. He can not even practice at UNM anymore. Double charged my insurance company and charged for services he can not perform! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!"

" What a joke. This quack doctor can’t take insurance because of insurance fraud claims against him in other states. He demanded that I purchase my medicines from his office before I could leave thus I was not able to use my insuranace card. I felt like he wanted to keep everything in the confines of his office walls–including mistakes and subpar services. His practice won’t hold up under investigations. By publishing this article is he trying to take the focus off himself?"

" For lab work to get a thyroid prescription refilled by him, he tried to upsale me beyond our original agreement, and then refused to give me the lab results and called the Tybee Police to have me thrown out of his office. Needless to say there will be a law suit. Tybee Urgent care is really a Medical 7/11. DON'T GO THERE! "

So yeah. Thank you, my neurologist, for making me have to deal with assholes like this unnecessarily because you didn't want to authorize the test.

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620923 tn?1452915648
by selmaS, Nov 26, 2012
Hi I know u posted in the Chiari forum b4 and  I am not sure if u had a dx for it or if u have one for Lymes...but I know u r very pop over to the Chiari forum and update us on what is going on with u.

Avatar universal
by freefallin, Nov 26, 2012
Hey, selmaS :)

My apologies for just kind of disappearing. It's been a long several months, and I've posted on so many forums investigating so many possibilities that I wind up abandoning a lot of them because it's just a lot to keep up with. Plus, I begin to feel like I'm just bothering people after a while, so I try to cut back on talking about my issues.

Anyway, I will definitely update you all over there if you want me to. :) It may not be until tomorrow, however, because it's going to take a while to type it all up, and my head is pounding right now. I have kept chiari in my mind as a possibility to investigate through everything, however. It's just that I have trouble asking doctors about things because they all seem to look at me like I'm crazy as if I'm trying to tell them how to do their jobs.

Thanks for checking in with me; that was very kind of you!

620923 tn?1452915648
by selmaS, Nov 26, 2012
We all feel like that and u do not have to type it all at once...but once u r a member of the Chiari forum  we do not care what ur dx is, just that u r doing ok...and u can update us or come there to vent, what ever u need : )

Avatar universal
by freefallin, Nov 26, 2012
Thank you; that's really great to hear! I get really lonely sometimes dealing with all of this, so it's nice to know there's a place I'm welcome to vent. :) Unfortunately, I don't have a diagnosis yet, but I'm trying everything in my power to get one! I'll head over there and start a post in a little while. :)

Avatar universal
by Hashi60, Jan 03, 2013
Hello Freefallin

I have late stage chronic lymes disease and it is very difficult to diagnosed and treat.  I hope you have a Lyme Literate doctor helping you with the proper tests. What symptoms are you having?  I hope you feel better soon!  


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