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MY recipe for pregnancy ... what worked for ME (obviously this won't be what works for everyone):

Mar 09, 2008 - 2 comments

MY recipe for pregnancy ... what worked for ME (obviously this won't be what works for everyone):

- Start your day with a multi vitamin (either a prenatal, two Flinstones chewable vitamins, etc.

- Be sure to get at least two servings of fruit and veggies in each day.

- Use OPK to see if/when you are ovulating. You ovulate 24-36 hours after your LH surge is detected via OPK, so you should start to bd daily once you get the surge, and continue daily for three days (some say do it every other day ... we did it every day, and I conceived, so that is what I recommend daily bd).

- During BD, make sure that YOU O before he does (or silmultaneous to him). If you O immediately before him or at the same time, this increases your chances of conception (I thought this was really weird, but I read about it online and decided to try it).

- Keep your midsection elevated for at least a half hour after bd. (I.e. bd with a pillow under your midsection, and lay there - fall asleep on your back for an hour or so).

- RELAX! Take bubble baths, get massages, etc. Do SOMETHING to help you relax and let things happen. TTC is work, but it can be fun if you can relax. This was the hardest part for me. We took in a foster daughter, and she really helped us to relax as we fell more in love with her. It helped us to feel like we already had a child because she felt like ours. She was AMAZING for us mentally and truly helped us to relax and understand that there were ways to quenche that baby desire but continue ttc in the hopes of ultimately having one you get to keep forever (after I got pg, she went to live with her paternal grandparents, but we keep in touch with them - I have an updated picture of her on here ... the photo on my profile is our little girl who was born in August 2007)!

The first month that we put all of these things together, we conceived. I had thought I was ovulating around cycle day 14 (cd14), but it turned out that I actually ovulate between cd16 and cd18, so I was ttc too early in my cycle for it to work. The month I started using OPK and did all of these other things, we got pregnant after 14 months of ttc. I wish you the best and hope that the recipe works for you as well! Best wishes!

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by aweeonetolove, Mar 09, 2008
Thanks so much! It's great to read what worked for other people.  

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by Jackson_Angel, Mar 09, 2008
Wish I would have seen this 5yrs ago ~ BUT ~ have finally gotten to IVF and did IUI (without the help of the ORIGINAL "DR") ~ so going for bloodtest tomorrow to confirm (HOPEFULLY) BFP ~ day 14 PIUI...!!

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