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3rd nerve palsy

Mar 09, 2008 - 0 comments








Following heart aorta valve replacement surgery, which went very well with no complications, I developed 3rd nerve palsy.  I had extreme pain around the right eye and my cheek bone seemed to be the worst pane.  I was treated by my GP as well as my Opthalmologist.  I was medicated with Gabapenten  and after almost 3 months the double vision cleared and the right side facial pain was improving. I was advised to cut down gradually on the Gabapenten and did so.  As the Palsy seemed to be in remission, we left on our scheduled holiday south and after about a week following the stopping of the Gabapenten I noticed a bump forming on my cheek bone and some swelling and redness of the cheek.  The same feeling of pressure around the bone and eye socket was present.  The right cheek bone seemed to push up under my eye and continued to swell and seemed to be spreading around the side of my face and ear area.  
I wouldn't say I was experiencing pain, but tenderness around the bone area and a pressure feeling.  I have gone back on the Gabapenten but haven't noticed any improvement.  

Can you give me any advice.  I am not scheduled to return to Canada until April.  I could see a Dr. in Florida or return to Canada if necessary.  

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