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collar bone

Feb 09, 2009 - 1 comments

Low back pain

today was a sleepy morning. I did some cleaning. Then I was exhausted. Sleep til 12. Didn't eat well today. Pain was different. Pain in my collar bone on both sides. aching continued. The weather was almost 50 . Muscles tender to the touch in both arms and back hurt when sitting longer than 20 minutes.

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by mafabo, Mar 01, 2009
I am having symtoms such as yours for about 4 months could you please share with me what it is you suffer from. I have a lump on my collar bone on the right side and it slighty goes up my shoulder and neck,I have been thinking I have a pulled muscle for not for this many months would I? Heat seems to help it,I can move the shoulder,collarbone and neck but certain movemnets cause pain. Sometimes I have shooting pain in other area's of my bodys such as my ribs,the wrist and hand,and circles of pain sometimes around my ring and middle finger,I mean it is like I have a ring of pain going around each one of them.Under arm pain too at times and my breast is sore to touch like I have a hormonal thing going on . Weakness too  sometimes. Thanks and if you decide not to e-mail me back I appreciate reading and coming across your journal.
Kim  ***@****

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