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Abig day for me/and squeaker

Feb 09, 2009 - 2 comments





lymph node








australia's fires

I had my MD appt today which was an answer to prayer.  My lymph nodes are swollen but they have not changed in size or shape.  What a relief.  My hubby went with me.  He was very supportive.  I was glad he went.

Today was squeaker's big day to go to the vet for her booster shots and to get her nails trimmed.  I was so happy that everything went real well.  Clipping her nails went great.  No I did not get her nails removed.  Just trimmed to prevent hurting herself by getting caught on things.  She has spent most of the day sleeping.

Tommorow is a free day.  Wednesday I have to start my neurophysc testing.  Am a little nervous about it but God will get me thru.  I also am aware that a free of the ladies I have communicated with are from Australia.  I am unable to remember the names but my prayers go out to those affected my the fires.

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203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Feb 09, 2009
Oh, I meant to ask you how your appointment went today! Yea for the good news! :)
Glad Squeekers is doing so well too. :)

365714 tn?1292199108
by MJIthewriter, Feb 09, 2009
Glad to hear things went well for you and Squeaker. I hope things get better for those in Australia.

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