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Positive Thinking

Nov 30, 2012 - 0 comments

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Building your own positive thinking can seem difficult at first but as you start listening and reading to stories of people whose positive attitude have taken them far ahead in life you would like to believe in the power of positive thinking. Here are some true stories on the power of positive thinking that have results as good as magic.

Story of the boy who had no ears
Napoleon Hill in his book ‘You can work your own Miracles’ quotes this story about the power of positive thinking. A man had a son who was born with no ears. He had no power to hear. But the father never believed this. He went on to treat his son the way a boy who could hear would be treated. He never made his son feel that he is deaf. He did not give up. He did not accept the fact that his son was deaf. He simply went on with his strong belief.

When the boy turned about ten years of age, he started hearing. When he was taken for a doctor’s visit the doctor said that the nerves have somehow made their way to be in a form that supports hearing. The boy’s body had responded to his thoughts. His father’s thoughts influenced him to start listening. Nature showed its true beauty in allowing the boy to hear. This story captures the power of positive thinking that none other. Would you now like to believe everything you hear?
Be ready for success Always be ready for success. Make plans and work on them. Think of all the possibilities. Dream big and have faith. Have good positive thoughts. Above all have gratitude feeling.

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