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Todays a good day!

Feb 10, 2009 - 0 comments


today im not in to much pain, although i have flu im so down. people on here have supported me and i know theres only one way to go and thats up. my mother has parking desease and alzimers so its hard, well almost impossible to reveal my true feelings and she lives over 200 miles away which also doesnt help. but i love her dearly and a happy phonecall does us both good, if you can understand that. i think i feel down as well because i have a daughter who is 5, she has brain damage and has only recently started physio for her left side. she can walk and talk and is actualy very inteligent but she does fall alot and the accidents she has is very serious. so when i say i feel down, its not just about me, its about those i love and hold in my heart. my heart does break sometimes but a smile from my little girl, a hug from my eldest girl or a happy phonecall to my mum makes me feel so much better x

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