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HELP! Lortab Addiction/Withdrawal

Mar 09, 2008 - 76 comments



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I am a 38-year-old, single mother. My daughter is almost 15. I work in a professional field. I am extremely nervous about joining a community like this and posting things for all to see. However, my desperation must outweigh my anxiety and fear b/c here I am...

Please be patient with me - this is all new to me. I spent the past 30 minutes typing a post which really was about as long as a novella. I was really pouring my heart out, sharing my story of how I became addicted to Lortab and I hit some button (can't tell which one) and my entire post was gone - vanished!

So now, in addition to going through my very first withdrawal from Lortab, being depressed, anxious and altogether pissed off at life in general, my creative attempts to bring some humor to my ****ed up life has ended in a technical error. Oh well.

I will save all of my previous drama and get to the point. I am addicted to Lortab. I have known that for quite some time but never seriously thought of doing anything about it until this past week.  I have started to realize the impact it has had on my life. I lack motivation to do anything - is that normal? I find that odd b/c the Lortab gives me such a feeling of euphoria and I can talk to anyone about anything and feel so confident yet I have become the worst of the worst of procrastinators. My house is a wreck b/c I never feel like cleaning. My job is in jeopardy b/c I procrastinate any and everything. I have a top administrative position and my poor performance has come back to haunt me over the past several months. I am hanging by a thread with my boss and co-workers. They have no idea about my addiction but I have shared with them that I have been depressed.

I would love to hear if anyone else has experienced this lack of motivation from Lortab. Seriously, I don't get how something that makes you feel so good, could make you feel like doing so little. Is that unique to me or maybe related to something else like depression? Please share your experiences.

I decided this week that I have to stop taking this drug. I have been stealing it from family members to keep my habit going. Yeah, not so proud of that. I have become so devious and sneaky - trying to strategically place myself near mom or grandma's purses so that I can nonchalantly reach in and snag 30 or more Lortab.  My job is a mess. My life is a mess and I keep thinking that even though that pill makes me feel sooooo good; it must have some relationship to my suddenly poor work performance and lack of house cleaning. Seriously, my family used to make fun of me and say I had OCD b/c my house was always immaculate. Not so much over the past year. No one in my family has been allowed here.

I made the decision last week that this was it - I am going to quit taking the pills altogether. I've tried slowly titrating the dose before with the intention of eventually weaning myself off altogether but that never works b/c my willpower ***** and if I have them, I will take them. I don't know how bad my addiction is compared to others I've heard about. On average, I have been taking about 30-80 mg.(usually b/t 3- 8 tabs) of Lortab per day and that has been going on for at least the past 3-4 years.

Today is Sunday. It's about 7 p.m.  I took my last Lortab Thursday around 6 p.m. I haven't had any since then. I expected the first day (Friday) to be the worst but it wasn't bad at all. No physical withdrawal whatsoever. I had cravings of course but nothing I couldn't deal with. Yesterday (Sat.) was a little more difficult with the cravings and I felt pretty anxious and restless all day.

Today (Sun) is a totally different story. I feel like I could jump out of my skin. My legs and back ache so badly. I am irritable and just want to go somewhere I can be alone and cry.  Is this normal? Is there more I should expect? How long will this last? Why did it take two days after stopping the pills for the withdrawal (if that's what this is) to get so bad?

I googled withdrawal symptoms and was linked to a site for suboxone (sp??). Has anyone tried that? Does it work? Is it worth it? I have not told my medical doctor about this b/c I don't want it in my medical records. I don't want my employer to find out. I don't want my family to find out. I just want to deal with this and get it over with. I have a therapist and am going to try to see him tomorrow. Should I see my medical doctor?

Any help, advice, words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure what to do but I know I cannot take another Lortab. I have the most addictive personality. I could become addicted to ANYTHING. Is it possible to overcome becoming addicted to anything remotely pleasureable and live a "normal" life? I hate myself for being so weak, so undisciplined, for not having any ability to delay gratification.

I am hopeful that I didn't stumble upon this site accidentally. I do believe in God and I have been asking Him to help me. I want to believe that He led me here. I hope that there is at least one person here who can relate and offer some support/encouragement.

Thanks for taking the time to even read this.

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by CHRISSICJ9, Mar 09, 2008
Do come off this very slowly and over a period of time otherwise you will have bad side effects , i wouldn't leave a few days in between , just leave one day in between, say for a week, then the next week leave 2 days in between and so on like this , doing this over a longer period of time will help and ask your doctor please for help also whether they know you are taking this or not , they can give you a replacement supplement in a milder form until you come off thi saltogether which will only take a few weeks, hope this helps a little bit , take care


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by wanabfre, Mar 09, 2008
I feel like I could be living in your skin. I`m not familiar with computers so I hunt &peck.was up to 8-10 tabs daily ,tapering doesn`t work for me.Iwent 12 dayswithout, took 2 today plus I`ve got the xanax thing., not severe but enough to know I cant just quit. My house is a total wreak.My family is full of addicts of  one kind or another. I keep putting little sayings up all over the housemy last two are {you are as sick as your secrets] and[you don`t have to see the whole staircase, just take take the first step. see. here I go rambling on  my thoughts are with you .I try to set one goal daily even if it`s just one load of laundry or changing my sheets .My hygiene  could use a boost too! I don`t smell but I`m ashamed to go to the store

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by persnick38, Mar 09, 2008
Thanks to all who have replied. It is so helpful to know that others share and can relate to what I am going through. I am glad to know that we can reach out to so many for support and advice.

Wanabfre: I like your idea about posting notes all over to remind you to remember the positives. My therapist also suggests setting one goal per day. That is great in theory but in this day and age, we are expected to accomplish so much more than one thing per day. It gets overwhelming trying to take care of a house, a child, maintain a full time job, pay all the bills, etc, etc, etc. So, I too often give into feeling overwhelmed and do NOTHING. Yeah, don't recommend that - it certainly doesn't help and has led me to where I am today - depressed, anxious, lonely, tired, stressed, financial problems, family problems, job problems.

The good news is that we have recognized the need to change and have taken at least one step in that direction. I try to remind myself that my life didn't go to hell in a handbasket in one day and it will certainly take more than a day to pull it together again.

Hang in there. We can do this together.

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by wanabfre, Mar 13, 2008
  i put things off so much that all the bills were past due,just now got that straightened out . i`m not a stupid person but i sure do some stupid stuff. i worked at  att, i was a postal worker(maiLMAN ) MANAGED THE LOUNGE IN A PRIVATE MILITARY CLUB,MGED A CONVIENCE STORE AND WORKED IN A PLASMA DONOR CENTER ALL THE WHILE I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I WANTED TO BE WHEN I GREW UP. WELL HERE I AM 64 YRS ,STILL DON`T KNOW BUT NOW IT DOESNT MATTER. I PROBABLY SHOULD GET A PART TIME JOB, BUT I KEEP FINDING EXCUSESNOT TO

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by persnick38, Mar 13, 2008
Hey, I've been there too. Only, I put my bills off so much that I now have to take bankruptcy. You are not the only person to make bad choices; we've all been there. It does matter what you want to do. It's never too late to find something that has meaning for you and helps you to feel productive. What if you tried just volunteering for awhile by visiting people in a nursing home, working at a soup kitchen or a library or an animal shelter. Sometimes, giving back to others who are in need helps us by making us feel needed and useful and it reminds us that no matter how bad off we are, there is always someone else who is just as hurt, wounded and suffering.

Hang in there. We are all here to help.

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by wanabfre, Mar 19, 2008

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by Buba222, Apr 23, 2008
Are you still interested in suboxone?  It worked for me.

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by debhul, May 20, 2008
I made a decision today.  My doctor went on vacation about a week and then he had a death in his family.  Well, to make a long story short, I didn't get my refills.  I begged everyone that had Lortab to help me.  Finally, I took my last one on Sunday.  Today is Tuesday.  Monday night was one of the worst nights of my life!!!!  I was up all night.  My legs had spasms.  I went to bed a dozen times.  I took benedryl, cough syrup, tylenol pm, nothing helped.  I even vomited violently today.  Although it was horrid, I decided that if I went through all that I should never put another Lortab in my mouth and go through this hell again.  Another bad guilty feeling, my precious cousin, who takes Lortab for her back, scarificed some to me thinking that I could get a refill and pay her back before she ran out.  She had to go through the same hell and now I have that guilt on me.  I am feeling so sorry that this happened.  I will get them refilled tomorrow and pay people back and let them make their own decisions but I am done.  I don't want to ever go through a night like last night.  I am actually feeling okay tonight.  I need a lot of prayers and understanding but in the long run, I think I will be okay.  God bless all of you that have this problem.  I used to say that those white pills were my friends..............not.

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by beck25752003, May 20, 2008
hey there your first post is almost my self in a nut shell. i was taking about 10-12 pills on and off for 5 years. when i first took them i felt so good i could do anything and everything. then it flipped which happens to all of us that is why we see we are addicts and want to stop. i lost everything i thought those pills helped me do. i also could not do the tapper  thing if i had them i took them like crazy till they were gone. i am at a month today cold turkey. and it was the hardest thing i have done but the best thing i have done. my first 6 days were the worst for the physical pain and then got better everyday. the sleeping took a little longer. i still have up and downs with the mental stuff but those are also getting better. you have to slowly do things you thought you couldnt do without the pills, friends,work,family,house cleaning  etc  the first couple  of times will be hard while you go through it but at the end you will be soo proud to see you got through it. i am reading this book call "The power of positive thinking" by Norman Pearle (  my dad sent it to me (he is a recovering alcholic) and at first i was like i know i should think like this but i cant   but wow as i go on and read it has it really made me rethink things of my internal self. you have to tell someone in your life, as hard as it seems the feeling you get is so good that you want to talk to other folks. i would say most will understand and want to help you. no one can fix you but yourself but you need as  much support a possible. please keep posting and look at thomas reciepe. and PM me any time i will chat anytime you would like 2. you are in my prayers

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by easypeasy86, May 30, 2008
I'm just sobbing...and I really don't know what to do. I'm so scared of what's going to happen. I've been taking 4-10 lortabs a day and I'm so ashamed. I have a 14 month old baby to take care of and it's so hard. I started taking lortab 6 months ago when I had a tumor growing inside one of my vertebra. I had to have two major surgeries (they cut out one rib, deflated a lung, and then did the surgery, after the first one they had to do another one because the first set of screws were too long...) I still have back pain but I just want to be done with it's so hard to do what I have to do. My doctor's are getting the picture, and he just prescribed me another 90pills 12 days ago. It's only day one withdrawing for me but it sooo hard. I feel like such a bad mom and wife because I feel so selfish for being in this position. What do I do?

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by bekahree, Jun 10, 2008
Hi everyone, I have been taking Lortab 7.5 for almost a year off and on, i even went through a spell with percocets a few months ago.  I realized that i was addicted to them and i wanted to stop so i told my fiancee and he stood by me and on those first nights going cold  turkey I thought i was losing it, i felt like my skin was crawling and my whole body just hurt so bad.  he made me get up and moveand walk and do situps and i got over it, but stupid me about 2 months ago, i was in severe pain due to my ovarian cysts and i went got some lortabs from a walkin clinic.  i thought well i beat the percocet and surely lortabs aren't that addictiveWRONG!!!  I tried to stop taking them memorial day weekend and oh my lord was it awful, my body hurt so bad and my arms and legs felt like they had things crawling on them, i could do nothing but lay around, i did not dare tell my fianceewhat was really wrong i jus told him i had the flu or something well that was on monday and by wednesday when my fiancee wnet out of town i went to a walkin and got some lortabs and then i saw my regular dr last week and got my regular script for 90 pills and i now have only about 3 tabs left and i am so scared of running out.  I do not want to go through that hell again but i know i have to if i want to beat this!  please keep mein your prayers , i amstruggling with running to the er to get some more.  i am out of control andi hate it!!!!  

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by onetime6801, Jun 30, 2008
its hard very hard why do we do this to ourselfs i have 4 kids and i get lortabs on ocasion so i go threw withdraw on the regular tremadol gets me threw the first 2 days then its just will power to the next fix.i run 5 miles drink so much water then i eat eat alot.and hope the next time i can say no.thats my problem i cant say no.i remember in bootcamp drill instruter said no pain no gain if it aint hurtin it ant workin.the withdraw helps me better understand what i am dealin with. i left work friday day to get some pills when i can back i ran some ladie of the road.i could not pas the **** test so now going threw withdraws and i have no job because of these white and blue i guess the withdraws  is our body makein us pay for trying to cheat it.i hope all of u find the strenth to quit.i did not need strenth but a wake up call that puts my whole family in jepordy.and thats not fair to them they count on me.just like i will count on them to get me threw this     4 days thats all after that its up to you

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by tryintogetitogether, Jul 23, 2008
I have read all of your comments and can relate so much.  I was in a car wreck about 10mo. ago.  They had me on oxycodine at first probably 5-10 a day then percacets and now on lortab they don't want to refill me anymore until I come in.  But I can't take them anymore they are running my life.  I thought I couldn't get through the day and have energy unless I took them.  I don't feel like doing anything either laundry, house work, bills or even my job.  They make me feel better because they make me they have become my friend also. I have went as far to snorting them.  That is crazy.  I have finally decided to go cold turkey and yes I have tried this many times and failed.  I have got to do it this time my life is spirling out of control I am depressed all the time flipped out the other day and had a major anxiety attack.  The doctor has now put me on lexapro and xanax.  I just have to take it one day at a time.  Today is my 3rd day without lortab last night was horrible I was awake all night and felt like my skin was crawling and literly feel like I have the flu my whole body is ache'n.  I have to get through this though I feel like my head has became so cloudy and I can't remember anything.  I can say this the xanax has helped with the sleep and the feeling of skin crawling.  Which, I am sure may be starting a whole other habit.  Hopefully not. All I know is it's not fair they are truly one of the most addicting drugs you could ever start doing and so many people take them not because they have wanted to but because they had to.  They seem so great at first they make you feel so better then they start taking over and before it you don't even know who you have become anymore and I don't know about the rest of you but that is the worst feeling.  I guess it's just one day at a time.  I will pray for all of you and for myself because I know the struggle we are all going through right now.

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by Cottonkidd, Jul 27, 2008
hey everyone. Today is day 5 for me and last night was one of the worst nights of my life! I actually woke up that morning feelin bad. All day was horrible. Hard to breath. Chest back legs arms.... Guess u could say I feel like death! I can't believe they could make as normal pain medicine so addictive. And worst of all my wife has no clue how much support I need and does not understand just how bad and deep the pain gets. I did the tapper thing for about two weeks and even got down to takin a quarter of one. Yes I would break them in half and take a knife and Cut the half in half. And either I didn't do it long enough or the **** don't work cause I have quit twice cold turkey and it's just as painful. I let my wife read this page last night to try to make her understand how I feel and she just kinda blew it off.  Don't know how to make her understand. I even get up two or three times a night to take a hot shower just so I will stop hurting and can fall back asleep. Ok well thanks for makin this page so people like me and all of you can read and talk about the pain and problems of trying to quit these devil pills!

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by lovingmom2008, Jul 27, 2008
I am a mother who has a son that is really having a hard time with this evil drug....First thanks to him for sending this site to me and second thanks to all of you for helping him no he is not alone.....I never knew how bad he really was until I read all of the stories...He told me how he felt and the things that were happening and did not understand until now....I love him more than he will ever know...and I know in my heart he will overcome this addiction....He and his family  were here this week end and after reading about this drug I now know how he must be feeling.....I wish and pray that I could take his place and make all his pain go away....He is trying so hard to do this on his on but he also needs to talk to his Dr. and let him know what is going on.....He is a very strong person and has been through alot in his life time but I no this must be the hardest thing he has ever had to do....I feel so guilty for asking his wife how she puts up with him and how can she live with I no that she is not living with the person I new...She is one WONDERFUL person for loving him and staying with him... I just pray she understands and will help him over come this...They have 2 wonderful childern and all 3 of them need him back....Mom also wants him back....I agree with Cottkidd about being the "DEVIL DRUG" I also have a son in Iraq and I just thought nothing could be any worst, but I no now that this has to be so much worst...I will now sit and cry and pray for the one who needs it more....Once again, to him for sharing this site and for being able to come to me with his addiction and to all of you I will also pray for you and your family/friends....Love, Mom

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by Flowergirl43, Aug 01, 2008
I came up with a plan that worked for me and if I can do it I promise ANYONE can!
First thing was to count out how many pills I had and could get and make a schedule. First five days I went from 10/10mg to 5/10mg. Just cut in half what you are taking if you have any to do that with. Then I went to 5mg every four hours for five days, 2.5 mg every four hours for five days, 2.5 mg every six hours for five days and then no more. Tapering helped me to work through all the issues that made me take so many, cold turkey never worked because I would get more and start again. If you have no pills Tylenol will help since that is a lot of what is in Lortab. Take off time from work for illness if possible. Go to the drug store and get anti diarrhea meds, benadryl or tylenol P.M., to help sleep at night, vitamins, water and juices. It was like having the flu that you have no control over so just try and think of it like you are sick and will be better in a few days and you will!  I cried a lot with the depression but worked through all the things that were making me want to feel no emotions, writing through tears helps.My whole muscle system screamed and if you can take Soma, tylenol, advil,showers,baths, whatever, that helps. My stomach cramped but the diarrhea meds help. Sleep was hard so I took two benadryl and that worked.  Water and juice help sooo much.  Rent movies, read some books(anything but thinking about those **** pills) and expect to get nothing done for awhile but everyday gets better and you feel like a new person when you are off them. Write down the things you want to accomplish that day and mark off what you did and keep at it.I read a lot of stories others shared and it helps. So good luck and god bless anyone who has to fight to be free from this, you are stronger than you know! I am at three weeks and still have discomfort and laziness but everyday is better and better:)))))))    

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by bosstank, Nov 26, 2008
Hello all ,
I can certainly relate to all your problem's and issues you have had while taking Lortab 7.5 . I am 24 and I have been on and off Lortab now for 3 years, although within the last 10 month's have been taking them pretty hard core. I started because I had my Wisdom teeth pulled and from there I had some very bad misfortunes where I had bone spurts and they would have to get in there and saw the bone down and stitch it back up. Because of being in pain for so long with my mouth and the feeling of pure energy, concentration, and just feeling better than I have ever felt before I was hooked. I than started going to my Dr. and complaining about sever back pain (I do have back pain but not so much as to need to take lortab.) So he started to refill my prescription every 2 weeks. Than I went back to him again 1month later telling him I was no longer getting pain relief from how much he was prescribing me and I was still in utter pain, even started to cry. My Dr. was convinced and started to give me about 40 a week. I must have taken 8-10 per day just to feel good and also just to block out the everyday life stresses, work, bills, having to deal with the kids ( 4 year old and 7 month old girl's). What's worse is I started to take them at the beginning of my job where I walk around door to door and sale, took them just to get through the day. Than the very good feeling's went away while taking lortab and the energy. 6 month's into taking them I was now just supporting an addiction and taking them just so function through the day. I had to take them just to get as much energy as I had while being off the lortab, It was pathetic. After that 10 month's of taking them My wife and some friends confronted me and let me know I was getting to addicted and I needed to stop. I wanted to I really did but I was scared because of having withdrawal's One day I looked at my kid's and made the decision that saved my life. I went off cold turkey. The first 5-6 day's of being off lortab was the worse experience of my life, the pain I went through, lack of sleep, cold sweat's, shaking, never feeling normal always hot or cold and the worse part the mental aspect. 7 day's later the pain was nearly gone but the mental depression, anxiousness, and nervousness were still there but not as bad. It must have been 2-3 weeks before I was back to normal and swore I would never go through that again. Recently I have backslid and started taking them again only about 20 per 2 weeks but still got on them. I than realized last week I was getting really bad again and could tell my addiction was getting worse so I went off them again cold turkey, not as much pain this time at all but the mental depression is back. It's been 5 day's now with no lortab and I feel so depressed and anxious. I find myself almost going insane because of how bad it is but I know it's because of the lortab and I also know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so I wait and stay clear of the pill's and know I will be back to normal soon. But for all of you going through this or have not made the choice yet of going of lortab or anything else for that matter I would say STOP RIGHT NOW AND GO OFF, I don't care how yo do it, taking less and less and less to help stop or what I recommend going to the DR. and just be honest and let them know your going through horrible side effect's and need help. However you do it just do it because I will tell you now the more you take the longer you take it's going to be that much harder to get off and the addiction will just get worse. So I pray for you all to stop and I pray for the ones who have made the good choice to stop and going through hell, may God be with you.

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by sweetone672, Dec 03, 2008
I know I have become dependent on Lortab 7.5 (I don't know what this means) after 1 month of 4-6 of them per day since a bowel resection.

After about 5 hours, I feel totally wretched if I don't take one.  

Does anyone have any idea of a schedule I could come up with to withdraw from them?

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by Turtle224, Jan 07, 2009
I've been taking anywhere from 4 to 6 Lortab 10's a day for about 2 months now...I need to quit but I'm not looking forward to the withdrawals...Can someone please tell me how bad it will be and what to expect from the dosage I have been taking...I know it shouldn't be to bad...I just want to be prepared and know what to expect...Thank you and God bless

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by Solitude177, Jan 18, 2009
You guys... be very thankful and blessed you only got up to 4-6-to 8 lortab 10's a day. And hopefully you won't go any higher than that.

I was on Lortab 10's for about a year and a half. I first took them for my period cramps then I realized how they made me feel, and I wanted to feel that way all the time. I stole from my mother, she gets lortab 10's from the doctor. I stole from her everyday, I was numbed out. All I could think about, or care about was my next high. I didn't care at the time if I hurt anyone I loved or cared about. I then became very good at lying, stealing, being sneaky. I was 16. now I'm 17 almost 18. I'm young I know. But it all started to get horrible when I started buying them off the streets. I got up to taking 8 Lortab 10's at one time. Taking 8 lortab 10's 4, maybe 5 times a day if I had the money. that's anywhere to 32or40 lortab 10'S a day. It got really bad. I got caught about 3 times.. got off of them for 4 days then got right back on them. The first time I ever went through withdrawals, god... never again.. but now.. after you've been through a few times... you pretty much know what to expect, but it's still a ****! not fun AT ALL. this last time.. I told my mother for once. I decided for myself, instead of getting caught and others deciding for me.. that it was time to stop. I spent 10 grand in 2 months on Lortabs. It got so bad.. everyday I'm doing everything I can and trying as hard as I can to earn my trust back and to make one baby step closer to getting better. It's difficult, but not impossible. Without a doubt, you will 100 percent, most definitely relapse. It's not the end of the world, it's actually a part of recovery.

You just have to be strong and when you think about wanting to get high and how good it will feel, just think about how badly you'd hurt everyone again, think about how badly you'd be hurting yourself. It's really not worth it. Be strong, and remember... you're not alone. never, you're never alone.


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by SQUIRT123, Feb 13, 2009

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by pedro195, Mar 16, 2009
I am a mother of 3 and I am addicted to Lortab.  At first I tried a couple and it gave me this wonderful rush feeling.  Very quickly this drug had me.  I go to bed thinking about it and wake up in the morning wanting it.  I have stole them from friends and family.  i am so ashamed and can't believe this has happened to me.  My mother has been  addicted to pain meds for over 15 years and I could never understand why.  Now I know.  I don't want to do them anymore, but the cravings are sooooo horrible.  Not to mention they are fairly easy for me to get.  Why can't I just stop?  I don't want to ruin my body or my life.  I can't talk to a dr about it because I am not prescribed them and I don't want to be labeled for the reast of my life.  I just want my life back and want to be more in control.  If I spent have my energy on other things instead of getting and using this drug I would accomplish tons.  Reading these post has made me realize that I am not alone.  That does make me feel better.

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by blue13, Mar 31, 2009
dear pedro195,
you can do it!  i am also a mother of three 5,14,and 16. i've been addicted to lortabs for about 10 years(except during my pregnancy and about 1 year after when i was a complete alcoholic). liked the high, made me feel like i could do anything and everything. i have been through the w/d several times because they ran out, then to go right back to them when we could get our refills. the thought of my life without the pills was overwelming, i had too much to do, take care of the kids, run them everywhere, handle life. how could i do without the pills ? they made me feel normal. (oh and might i add my husband is addicted too.) well 9 days ago (10 for my husband, i hid extra pills for myself ) the scripts ran out again and there was nowhere to get them. time to try and quit . the anxiety sets in quick. the w/d are not fun at all, it took everything in me to get through the days and to seem normal to my kids. teenagers are very perceptive. my husband travels so he was not at home, no he got to go to a quiet hotel for a week to get through his w/d's. each day i was hoping it would get better, well i would say for the first 3-4 days each day seemed worse. the cravings, like you say, are the worst. unbearable at times. at those times i found these forums i would read all of them and just cry and cry. we all just want to be normal again without the pills. were tired of having them run our lives, ruinning our health and draining our bank accounts. well like i said today is day 9 for me and i don,t know how i made it but i did. i feel half way normal . i think back to my old mind set that was if i had a lortab i could get this done or that around the house. when i was on them i always thought i was doing alot but in reality did nothing, just felt better doing it. now i feel that i'm not doing anything that i have no energy to do it , but then i remember i didn't do it when i had them. i think my mind is in a better place this time around. this might sound odd but my body still has the cravings but if there was one sitting in front of me i know i wouldn't take it. i've surprised myself alot. i'm not saying that 9 days is alot or that i'm cured only time will tell. i'm sure i have a long road ahead of me but i feel positive this time. so again i say you can do it ! you need to be there for your children. take it one day at a time and beleive me soon it'll be a week or even 9 days! after the first 3-4 hell days it does get better. keep positive and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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by angelndisguise81, Jun 22, 2009
I am also a single mother of 2 and been addicted to Lortab/Percocet and am also in the medical field for 3 years. I get a high from opioids that make me feel full of energy, on top of the world and like nothing can bother me. I have lost several jobs as well as relationships because of my addiction! I take so many pills now that my liver is starting to show it. Its time to quit but I dont know who I am off of them!

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by getmylifeback, Jul 25, 2009
I have been taking lortab on and off for about a year. I am up to six a day. I have 7 left. Im not prescribed them. I buy them from a friend who sells them to pay her rent. She thinks I sell them to a person that I made up. I am a liar and a fraud and I feel like these things have taken my soul. No one knows i take them. I live alone, so its easier to hide. I have quit before and going through the withdrawels were hell but I kept telling myself "You did this to yourself, deal with it. You wont feel like this seven days from now. This feeling right here is reason enough to never stick another pill in your mouth" Then my friend with the pills texts me, and there I go, buying them again. I hate who am now. I feel like a liar and a fraud and my peace is gone. My patience is gone too. I hate how I feel and who I am. I havent taken one today, so I am chainsmoking and every thought is of that bottle with the pills in it. I cant get it out of my head but I know I cant throw them away. I have to leave for work in 30 minutes and im wondering what it would be like if I didnt take the bottle with me. I have to find a way to stop looking at those pills as my salvation and find another one. I dont  want to die. I dont want to be this person anymore.

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by Ella789, Jul 25, 2009
  Reading these posts bring back memories of how I was while useing Lortabs.  I remember the fear I had everytime I ran out before refill time.  I even marked it on my calender,  counted my pills abt. everyday.  Tried my best to stay on the prescribed dose.  After 5 yrs, you know,  tolorance,  it took more to "help" me.  I hated planning my life around the pills and Dr.'s visits.    Last February was the last-straw for me !!!  I couldn't go on like that anymore.  My selfesteem was low and I was ashamed everytime I had to beg for more.  I absolutely do not know "where" to go to buy off the street and I never felt lucky enough to not get caught, even if I knew someone!  Pitiful, Sad, angry with myself and how the hell did I get to be like this anyway!!!!!!!!!  

  Detoxed, yayeeeeee!  Feb.16, 2009
Roller-coaster, mind games, just one won't hurt, PAWS,   these things come around yes, they do.   The longer I am clean the less they come.  Someone said 6mos. to a year.  Things will get better and they have,  it does just take Time and sometimes alot of it !!!!!!!  I am 4 Plus months clean from Lortabs and yes,  things do get better,  time helps with that.  Stay Strong!


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by tlmorgan61, Oct 24, 2009
Thanks for all the above posts. What a help! I am day 4 withdrawal from Lortab 10, up to 25 a day some days, but mostly 10 to 15 a day. It has been hell. this is not my first time at cold turkey...but first time in a long time. I stayed off the devils for three years and started back this past March due to a shoulder surgery. All of the above posts hit the nail on the head for me...i am all of you. I can tell you what i do to is still bad, but some stuff helps. Warm showers, lots of powerade zero, Immodium for the diarrhea, Clonidine for the skin crawls/cravings (prescription). I have prescribed sleep aid, something like Benadryl over the counter would help sleep...but when it is really bad sleep just doesnt happen. The cold sticky sweats are terrible and the muscle spasms and skin crawl as all above have said. My most help has been prayer....there has to be a God to help us with this or we are lost. Good luck and my prayers to all with this problem.

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by gangsta432, Nov 15, 2009
hi my name is justin and iv tried the just quitting all togethere one time and people are right u caint do it u get really sick and your skin hurts and i i was having fever i was a mess i was taking 25 to 30 lortab a day anda few oxy cotin a week  i dont know how im not dead it just took over me please sombody in my shoes let me now if they got off of it let me know how

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by Cdelcour, Dec 30, 2009
Mu husband started taking lortab 10/500 5 months ago for pain he was having do to a pulled muscle. Well by the time it was said and done he was taking a 120 every two weeks if not more and the Doctors kept giving them to him so total within five months he took a total of 1200 give or take a few over a five month period. I knew he know longer needed them because the doctors kept telling him he was fine but then kept giving him more pills. (I know this is going to sound terrible but as any wife and mother know you will do what you have to do to protect your family.) So the last two weeks I started taking 3 to 5 out of the bottle and flushing them so by Saturday he was out I knew that I had two days at least of withdrawls and hell coming but I did what I felt was best well by monday he was throwing up shaking and had not slept going on three days but I could see my husband coming back to me even through the mood swings. I told him I would call the Doctor Tuesday to get him in if he wanted but I told him what I had done also and by the time it was all over he did not want to go to the doctor he desided he would just finish with the withdrawls this is Wed. and he is doing alot better I know he is still having pain in his legs and he still is a little shaky my question is how long will that last? My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone, speaking as someone who can see what it does to the people around you I wish you all the best of luck.

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by vegass, Jan 13, 2010
I can relate to everyones stories. I am withdrawing from lortab. Went 9 days no lortab and slipped up, I took 8-10's in 2 days. I'm now on day 4 no lortab and it seems worse, waaaaay worse than the first 9 days!! Is it normal for the withdrawal process to start all over again?

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by okmom31, Jan 28, 2010

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by worstnursevr, Feb 14, 2010
God Bless You All... I Too am An Addict taking Lortab 7.5/500, 6-8 per day for the last 12 years...Yes 12 years.. I just turned 40 and guess what? I'm a Nurse, Yes, & A Stupid Nurse...It started from several car accidents in high school and college years. I do have a Very Bad Neck, but I've come to the conclusion that the pills only mask the pain and make me tolerable to others. I hate my life and truely hate all around me, thanks to my self addictive personality. I could easily blame the pills or the Dr.,, but in the end, All Things in Life are a Choice and I choose to keep taking and taking and taking. I have been blessed in the fact that I haven't had to steal, due to my chronic neck pain. But anyone out there thinking of taking these pills.. Please do yourself a favor... FORGET ABOUT LORTAB!!!! I used to have it all over $100,000 year profession... I'm lucky to still have a license, the Dr. I worked for is looking @ life in prison.. PAIN MANAGEMENT DR.... The DEA and Government want to blame him for people like myself that get addicted and then overdose.. I don't blame him, I blame me, He didn't shove the pills down my throat... I give you all respect for what you are going through and I pray you/we can beat this HELL.. All of us and walk away from it no matter how bad it hurts and how anxious, bitchy you get..Just dream, think about how you were in High School (if your addiction doesn't lead back that far)..I want that back. I want a lot back...Good Luck and God Bless You all,,, YOU CAN DO IT... AND WHEN YOU DO,, SHOW ME THE WAY, PLEASE ;(

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by mikej_, Feb 19, 2010
Im also a lortab/percocet addict i was taking anywhere from 40 to 60 mg's a day for the past 7mo .I am now going cold turkey to regain some type of structure in my life.I fellt like they gaveme a boost of energy around the house and helped me dealing with my newborn twins.I also felt like they gave me extreme confidence around people, but when i couldnt obtain any i was not able to function at all! The last time i took one was on saturday its now friday an ive made it through the diarhea and headaches but i still have flu like symptoms.My heart and prayers go out to you all who are struggling with this addiction. Just know if you want to overcome these blue and white devils it can be done.I thought watson 10's were my key to life, how wrong was I...? I've also been through xanax withdrawal too and they where actually worse than the lortab withdrawal maybe because i was taking them for years, but good luck and best wishes to all of you.

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by jenni22484, Apr 09, 2010
I am the SAME as YOU !!!! I take around 5 - 7 Loratabs a day and im 26yrs old i have 3 kids , i use to get a boost off them and sometimes still do if i do alot but i wont clean house or hardly do laundry i don't do the things with my kids that i use to and i am so tired of feeling like this i just wanna cry ....well today is aril 9th 2010 and i am going to try and quit cold turkey i am sooo scared i don't wanna be in pain that is one thing that i don't take to well, does anyone know howlong it takes to feel better after quitting cold turkey??? please i am just so desperate i need answers and help i wanna feel normal and be able to play with my girls ...and GOODLUCK to everyone else that is doing this and going through this bull crap GOD BLESS you all !!!!

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by tlmorgan61, Apr 10, 2010
jenni22484 you are in for a ride...but you can do it!! I did, several times unfortunately. You won't die, but you will feel you are going to and want to maybe at times. You can read above and see the symptoms of what you will go thru. I too, thought they gave me energy and made me feel great and they did for a while. Then they turn on you...I started noticing that I was having less energy when on them and actually took so many that I would throw up. The psychological addiction is the think you have GOT to have some or you are going to die...It takes a good week to go thru the worst of it...then it is a rollercoaster of good and bad days for a few weeks. Clonidine helps with the is BP medicine, have to have a script for it. Warm showers helps the crawling skin and sweats...tylenol and powerade help also...the powerade will keep you from cramping from all the sweating and take loads of immodium for the diarrhea.  If you can get your hands on Ativan or Xanax to help the shaky/anxious part it helps. But the suboxone is the drug of choice for withdrawal. Then you have to wd off of it. Praying helps alot.

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by littleme406, Apr 20, 2010
I am day two withdrawl the body pain is horrid I cant do it much longer

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by witsend0603, Apr 21, 2010
all I can say is .. WOW... I could have written that original post... everything that you are feeling I have felt... wanting to crawl in a hole and just cry ... house is a total mess and I don't even seem to care... don't feel like doing anything at all....

etc.. etc.... etc....

what I have learned in quitting is that the Lortab will turn on you... and when it does it reallyyyyyy does... what once made you feel invinsible now makes you feel like a slug just to stave off the withdrawals.... been on that roller coaster  and don't enjoy the ride.... you said something at the end of your post that struck me for sure.... you do believe in God and have been praying... as much as it pains me to admit .. I am a christian wife and mother who naively started this journey 2 years ago not knowing what it would do to me in the long run... I was sooooo ashamed for the longest time about what I had done I didn't want anyone to know at all... I mean I was the strong christian woman that people called on when they needed someone ... but then I realized one day the lie I was living in front of everyone I knew.... my family or in laws still do not know ... and I may tell them in time... don't know... but my husband, who also took them, did go to our pastor and fessed up to everything... he agreed to counsel us as he has dealt with this issue several times... so we agreed to make him our accountability person as we also did with each other.... now I am not gonna lie... we have both had one slip up since this time of quitting and talking to our pastor... we tried quitting on our own before, but there is something about talking to someone you hold such a respect for and telling them your horrible secret that makes you feel better somehow.... so he gave us some much needed spiritual guidance and some things we should do ... he also gave us every phone number he has to talk to him if we needed him for support at any time.  That alone felt like it lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders.... I guess it is true what they say... confession is good for the soul... although it wasn't easy... it was completely humiliating in my eyes... but he was not the least bit judgemental whatsoever... he was loving and compassionate and nothing but completely supportive in our efforts..... so we are just pressing on to see a better life come from this and like you ... I know if they are in the house I will take them... no willpower whatsoever... hence the slip.. so now they are completely gone... none anywhere around and won't be again... if they aren't here I have no choice... nothing to take.... when I feel my worst cravings begin I try wherever I am to drop to my knees and lift my eyes... of course if I am in my car I just pray silently as I drive... lol.... but it does help ... and know that God knows your movements even before you make them.... He knows  what you are going to do if you are on your own ... He is just waiting for you to hand the problem over to Him and let Him deal with it alone.... He can do what no human can.... but you gotta have the faith and let Him work the problem.... I hope you find help here on this site... many people here just like us and I have found some fellow christians on the site that completely understand me in the respect that I originally thought "How can I be a christian and fall into this kind of behavior"... but what I have found to be true is that there are many christians in the exact same position I am in ... and I personally believe if I don't have God watching over me I don't have a chance in life.... so I am putting all my trust in him that my life will be completely back to normal, healed and whole again soon.... but from a sinful human standpoint I also know that I can never take 1 pill.... 1 will put me right back where I started and I don't ever want to go back to that dark place again.... best of wishes to you and write anytime...

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by Shay839, May 02, 2010
I totally know what you are goin thru. I'm addicted to lortab 10mg bout 8-10 pills a day for ten plus hrs . I'm 9 days clean as of today. I can say the physical part is horrifying!!!! I've been having severe insomnia and anxiety. I have been taking Xanax to help...has helped alot. It is hidden life for me cuz my mom is the only one who knows. She is on opiates also due to back surgery. Very hard to be around her knowing the pills are in arms reach!!! I'm glad to have found this site because I feel very alone !!! I know I can do this but it's just so hard. I'm in the fight of my life and I'm ready to fight!!! I just wish I had someone to talk to besides drs or my mom. Any advice? Thanks for reading my story!!!

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by Shay839, May 04, 2010
Today is day 11 and still having a rough time!!! I kicked methadone a yr ago and these withdrawals don't even cpare to what I'm going through now. I just have to keep faith and know that God wouldn't put me to it if he couldn't bring me through it. I just feel like my body is just giving up bit my mind is fighting saying no!!!  

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by legacybears, Jun 12, 2010
HELP!  I am finding this because I am in a huge pickle!  I got a call yesterday from the Drug Enforcement Agency.....and, I suspect it is because the pharmacist called.  I have two pain prescriptions, filled at two stores....two doctors, neither know of the other.  I take 1 1/2 Lortabs about every 4 hours....keeping in mind that I am up like 18 hours per day....cannot imagine life without can I manage the pain from my physical issues?  Herniated discs, TMJ, ulcers, headaches, recently had ankle reconstruction surgery, neck injuries, etc.....have trouble even moving without meds.  The meds make it so I can function.
Sure there are negative, and yes, I realize that I am "chemically" dependant on them.  I have been so since my foot was crushed about 12 years ago....of course the dosage has increased as my body is used to it, but, it doesnt give me a "buzz", nothing does...I have a weird chemistry (family curse) wherein meds only work about half as long as they are supposed to and what would knock a horse out, I wouldnt even feel.  Even the dentist has always had to give me three times as much stuff (my whole life, not just since I started taking Lortab).....and, it wears off quickly.
That said, now I am in a huge problem.  I am scared to death about the DEA thing....scared that my family and friends are gonan find out.....had I know I couldnt get a refill, I would have stretched out my last fill.....instead, I now have a quick withdraw in my future.  
CAN I DO THIS?  and WHAT TO EXPECT?  Need help is ***@**** and I would love to hear from someone, anyone who knows what to expect....what do I do?  What if it gets so bad that I have to go to hospital??  What do I tell them??  And, can the pharmacy, ER or any of them tell my job???

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by vicki595, Jun 12, 2010

Hi~  Put this post on the forum page  where it says "post a question".  You'll get a lot more responses from people who may have been in this situation.
I'll watch for your post~

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by benny685, Jun 13, 2010
ok hang in there cuz i PROMISE u this does get better... i have been addicted to lortab for 5 years taking newhere from 30 to 40 per day.. not mg... pills... thats 300 mg/day.... ive taken suboxone and its def worth a shot .. u needa be clear of any opiates for 72 hrs before taking the suboxone because if not it will send ur body strate into detox.. i can only tell u that suboxone worked for me but i know people who say it does nothing for them... also if u dont like the suboxone u can try cebutex..its basically same thing...but if u havent taken nething for 3 or almost 4 days i promise u r about to start to c the light at the end of the tunnel..o n p.s. suboxone is wayyyyyyy harder to detox off of than lortab if not monitored properly by a dr.... hope this helps n best of luck

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by filfull, Jun 16, 2010
my wife has a addiction to loritabs and will not admit 164  7.5 too much in 11 days? she will not listen to me and says I just dont understand what pain she is going through?

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by Kal29, Aug 10, 2010
I have also been there, actually a few times. I dont recommened the tapering thing, you will just take more and soboxen is addictive also. If you have an addictive personality just quit. You said that your last one was Thurs at 7pm, well the worst days are normally days 2 & 3. Sometimes 4 can be kinda rough. But I never experienced not wanting to clean my house on lortabs they always made me get up and do stuff, thats why I liked them, But everyone is different.  I can tell you that you will have, diarhhea for at least 2 days, chills, sweats, cant sleep, and your body will ache. I never had an upset stomache. But i really is worth it, you will not die and it will only last for 2-3 days. I would suggest taking some over the counter meds, like tylenol for the aches,emetrol for the upset stomach, imodium for the diarhhea and take something that will help you sleep. Take all doses as it says to, dont over do them and trust me it will help out alot. I do think you should talk to your therapist, he can give you something to help you sleep and can treat you for the depression you will have from this, the depression lasts the longest. I would not take xanax that is the worst. I hope everything works out for you. Lortab addiction is an awful addiction and it is not worth it, you will loose everyone you love, especially your children. Just keep your head and dont give up, you have to fight what ever your feeling and get it over with. GOOD LUCK :) And I do agree your not alone and if you do relapse it is part of recovery, just tell your self the pills are not worth the way you will feel after!

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by kellyfromcali, Aug 14, 2010
Well I guess Iam in the right spot to jot this down...Today is my last day taking my Lortab pills.I 've been taking 10-15 pills aday for 4yrs.I cannot do the tapering....doesn't work for me.I also cannot go to the doctor for help,have tried  out those options and doesn't work for me.I have no more refills and have no-way to obtain any on my own.I knew this day was coming and wish to God I had never taken a Lortab but I did and here Iam.......Iam scared outta my mind.Iam sick to my stomach wondering how long this will take.My mind is wacked out right now just on the thought I haven't anymore Lortab to get me thou..Iam done!!! it isn't worth the Lortab controling my life anymore.My relationship with husband has been runied and I need to fix my life for my kids know.I do not know anyone here in the state i moved to,so I don't have friends to go.So Iam hoping to hook up with someone on here to talk to.Thank you all and good luck 2 u all.

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by Bassmaster1974, Sep 08, 2010
Ok. Most of you all know the symptoms of withdrawel. Opiate withdrawel kicks in hard on day 2-3. Depression and poor hygene with no energy can last 3 months and longer. I threw away my career back in the early 00,s. I was a professional bass angler with the world in my lap. I was diagnosed with degenerative bone disease and spinedoyliathesis( back) at age 12. I have had 13 knee operations, clavical joint removed, rotator cuff repaired and steel pins in hand. I lost my shot at football scholarship my juinor year in highschool due to three knee ops through the next two seasons. Became pro. Bass angler in 98 and ended up in rapid detox in Florida in 04 by a doctor that frequents
oprah. No withdrawels from that. Two days in hospital and five days in hotel were suppose to be it and then I was suppose to be back to my old self. But I fell into suicidal depression and have been there every since. I took 15-20 lortab 10 daily. Went through withdrawel monthly for years but the detox got me off the pills (12,000 $ ). Two years later I had another knee op and I was back on them and have been since 06. I take 6 a day of tens. I suffer from crippling anxiety and panick attacks. I now once again have a job in the bass fishing industry fishing some tournaments/guiding part time and I own my own custom lure business. And once again I'm about to lose it all again over the pink devils. My dr. Knows all my history since he has been my md through it all. He will give
me extra script if I'm running out early but that has only made
my addiction worse. I have once again reached the crossroads where I can back off while I have enough to do so for months without running out or keep taking 2 extra per day and run out after next refill. I prefer the first but even when my family and fiancée help by holding them in the past, I get so ferocious with them that they get scared and give in. I am a recovered alcoholic/meth and coke addict for over 13 years without a single relapse. Jesus Christ healed me from that in one prayer at the alter. But lortab is something I brought upon myself by turning my back on him after he gave me my dream career. I put fishing before Him. Then I put pills before Him. I had many chances and blew
them all. Me and my fiancée just bought our 1st house to move into in June when we are married. The pain and stress I have put her through over 11 years is absurd. I'm talking now before I make my journey be it good or bad rather than after it all goes downhill in hope that it will help give me strength. I've been down this road before and I would lie, steal and sell all my posessions just to keep from going through the living hell of withdrawel. I have many problems but addiction is at the top. I have Valium for panic disorder and ambien for insomnia. They help some in getting through this but they don't help my will power. I'm asking for prayers and just a group that knows what I am going through. I'm hoping for another miracle. If it's His will to give me another pass then I will praise Him. If I have to go the hard road again and come out alive then I will still give Him all the credit and praise. My road to recognizing my addiction before it's too late is all I have to give myself a chance on my own.

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by batman930, Oct 02, 2010
I hope everyone who posts on this board finds relief from ther pain, and peace in their lives.  I am on my third day of going "cold turkey" from daily Lortabs and pot.  I have been in this place before.  But this time it is different.  I only recently realized that for the past ten years, all of the "high" an euphoria I got from my drugs was B.S.  I thought that I could quit whenever I wanted.  Manage the drugs so to speak.  Well, I can't.  And until you can admit it to yourself that you "can't," you will never be free from the hell and anguish that the drugs bring.  Euphoria my ***.  Numbing the pain of problems we are too scared to face in life is more like it.  You do NOT have to do this alone.  Go to Narcotics Anonymous.  Give it a shot.  The fellowship of people with the EXACT same problems you are facing makes it worlds easier to see the world....and your addictions.............for what they really are.  And these persons are there for you.  They know the pain you are going through. They lived it, and still live it.  And the advise and fellowship from someone who has walked in your shoes..............and felt your pain.................. is worth its weight in gold.

Going it alone is silly.  And an act of futility. Even if you are able to remove yourself from drugs.  The addiction remains.  For life.  How will you deal with that?  If you are like me, then you deal with it by taking drugs again.

I read the posts on this board and I am the same as everyone here.  We are all the same.  Stop being scared of the possibility that if you seek help "people will know" about your addiction.  My insurer will know.  Whatever.  Guess what, I would rather my insurance carrier know, or my family know about my addictions....then to go through the hell of drug addiction alone.  Or end up in a box.  It will end that way.  It does everyday to people all around the country, both young and old.  

The pain I feel right now.........and it is the exact same pain described sooooo often in the posts on this reminding me that these &*&**^^&& drugs need to stay gone.  Use your pain and learn from it.  It is a dark tunnel no doubt..........but there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.  Try N.A.  They will get you through the tunnel.  And hey...if you haven't felt the pain, how can you know the good things to come?  

Good Luck everybody.  You most certainly are not alone.

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by nomotabs, Oct 04, 2010
Day 7 cold turkey for me. Still have no energy or motavation. Still fighting depression. Physicall side effects of withdrawl are pretty much all gone. Thats good. It seems the physcologicall effects wont stop. I have been taking loratab 10mg 100mg per day give or take for about six months. I live with my brother and he has been on them for years now. I decieded I cant be that person and I am fighting. He wanted to quit with me and made it 4 days. Now everytime I hear his phone go off I know he is going to go get more and he comes back home all happy and I am still fighting it. Makes me want to curl up die everytime I hear his damn phone go off. Im guna have to move. THIS DRUG IS THE DEVIL!!!

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by mythoughts2, Oct 08, 2010
First off, I wanna thank anyone who has had enough courage to share their story because little do we know the stories we share about our addiction is helping someone else. I came here just looking for people I could relate to, that are going through the same thing I am. My story of addiction is similar to many of you here, I too started using lortabs for pain reasons as a prescription that was prescribed to me, but after that was over I continued to use them with friends who had access to them because I liked the way they made me feel. So their street connections became mine and as any abuse to any type of drug, you change and your top priority is making sure you have it. It became my motivation to do anything. Get out of bed, my job performance, how I interact with friends and family, what I do to get them, I Mean it motivates everything. You get to a point in your life where you want to change and the addiction that has taken over your life is not who you are, but the infortunate test in your life you have to deal with for spiritual. Of course it's hard--after six years to quit but I've  had enough. You know what it does to your body, your mind, your family, finances...everything. We just have to be strong.

I started off taking a few here and there and escalated to 10 10mg loratabs a day. At a difficult time in my life I decided to make a change and stop for a little while. Then I went back to a maybe 2 or 3 a day---and it has escalated again. It seems to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but with my growing relationship with God & my family, I know I can kick this addiction again.

I'm not pretending as if I am just going to stop today and never do them again, but I am making a change to eventually one day soon be able to say "I am no longer a pill addict."  My best advice to anyone that can relate to this post is join me in taking it one day at a time to quit. Different things will work for different people, some people can go cold turkey, some people need to seek medical help, and their are thousands of other remedies that will help each of us ween of our addiction. Remember stay strong and even if you fail your first time (like I did) remember persistance pays off.

I encourage anyone going through the disease of addiction to post here and let's continue to help each other overcome our convictions. You are not alone.

Best Wishes to you all.

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by liz891, Oct 17, 2010
Hi 38 year old Single mother . I'm a single 45 year old mother with 5 boys. I've  been on tabs awhile and this is my 3rd time stopping. All the feelings you are having  I had the same. Make you feel so good but you lose all ambitition for everything you used to do. I have horses and did not want to even ride. But going through the withdrawls was and is a scarey thing. the mind thing just killed me,, Get that 5 hour energy drink which has vit b i have been drinking that in the am.. But  I tell you if you just get through  the sweating ,anxious days  you will feel so dang good,, I do now ,,,IT IS Hard As Hell  . But i feel so good now.. I want to go and do stuff now. Like cleaning my house,walking in the woods whatever.. Lortabs are downers  depressents.  I have spent so much money on them in the past months it makes me sick. You can do it, You will feel so dang good,  Good Luck    

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by MizzNay, Oct 20, 2010
I'm a single mother of 5 beautiful children...1 girls that's 18 and 4 boys ages 16, 13, 12, and 9..I began taking 5/500 then 7.5/500 and up tp 10/500....I've had restless legs since I can remember and a few years ago they decided they didn't know exactly what it was, so they just began treating me with pain killers that did kinda stop the pain, but more so that I realized was making me feel a way I've never felt and I loved 1 pill turned into 2 pills and 2 turned into 3 and before I knew it I was taking anywhere from 12 tp 15 10/500 a day...I'm so ashame and so scared because not only am I getting scripts but I'm spending almost $1200 a month on pills...I want off! I really do and I have no one to help me...I've read all you guys stories and its a blessing that some have stopped and that others want to..most of all its a blessing to have someone there to help you through such kids are helpless and have no clue why some days mommy lays aropund being grouchy and some days they feel like I deserve mother of the day award...I've always been a very good mother and housekeeper and my housekeeping has gone down hill unless I'm full of tabs.(sad) I dnt really have friends and the 1 or 2 I have dnt understand what I'm going through...I recently went to jail for a ticket and the systems were down so I ended up locked up longer that what I should have bee and BOY you know this was really rough for me...I had to see the nurse there because I already suffer from high BP so I needed meds....not to mention I was going through withdrawals and the nurse asked me was I addicted to any drugs (maybe because of how I was acting) but I was extremely sick and my actions showed withdrawals....I'm really crying out for help and my babies need me badly! Any suggestions or does anyone hear my cry!

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by helpfulguy1, Oct 24, 2010
Tabs are addicting. They help you focus on things, make you more social, help with pain anxiety they make you feel comfortable with your surroundings. I would stop it soon as you can before u devolp stomach ulcers/ stomach bleeding from them. If you want a simpler drug, thats not addicting, and causes no harm to  you. SMOKE MARIJUANNA.

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by step629, Nov 17, 2010
Hello everyone, im on day 9 off lortabs, i was taking 30-40 a day, and i decided to just go cold turkey off them. The first 3 days was horrible, the stomach cramps and muscle cramps thru out my body are almost unbearible, and ive started shaking and am very weak, i cant find the energy to do anything, not to even roll over to get out of bed to take a shower anymore, i literately have to make myself get up to shower, thats pathetic! But you all who have been thru it know exactly what im talking about. I can definately relate to each and everyone of yalls stories, i see myself in each and everyone of yalls post. Some people say it can take up to 3 months till i feel "normal" again, and that kills me, will it really take that long for me to quit shaking, and for my muscles to quit hurting and for me to find energy to actually get up and do something? I know i got myself into this and ive got to get myself out of it, but its so discouriging to see that it may take 3 months to have some kind of energy, and not to be so dang weak. Im doing good as far as not having the cravings for the pills, i just want to feel better, i dont want to take a pill though to make me feel better. I know that everyone is different and it takes everyone different times to feel better, but does anyone know if its really going to take me that dang long? I just dont know if i can deal with this feeling for that long, its so discouriging, if anyone knows please help! I just want to get thru all this crap, im so done with taking a little blue or white pill to do anything. I definately dont want to gp back, ive made it this far. But i just dont see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. I know this isnt going to be easy, but dang, does it really take that dang long? Someone thats gone thru this please help!

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by laurel453, Nov 17, 2010
Hi, step :) .....No, i don't think that you will feeld the way you are feeling now for the next three months... it is true that it can take some months to feel physically optimus but all the time things will be getting better. I think it is the mental part , anxiety , lack of motivation, some depression, the part that lingers longer. You will also have some days where you will feel with no energy, sure ..... but not for the whole day, and with the days, this lack of energy will last only a couple of hours....maybe you will have one of those waves after days of feeling great...In the whole, things will get better during those first months, much better... don't feel discouraged, please..If you exercise, eat healthy and take vitamins plus aminos (there is the amino acid protocol on the health pages where you can find some advices about it )you are helping yourself to heal sooner. Aftercare  ( NA meetings, addiction counselling, therapy... whatever it may work for you.. ) is also the most needed tool to feel much better after some time working on ourselves  we need to learn how to deal with life without numbing ourselves ..a life without pills... and of course, we need patience because  clean time is our friend now but it is a matter of time to get things fixed, please, have patience and take care of your well being now, be selfish and take care of yourself and love yourself   .... Also, if you go and  post on the forum or read the posts there you will find many of your doubts answered and having the support from other addicts makes a big difference .... we don't feel alone... Good luck  :)

Congrats on your 9 days, btw :)

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by kimberj, Jan 02, 2011
I read your comment tonight. PLEASE trust me I went from pain pills to Suboxone. I took the Suboxone for 1 years & yes it was great. You have no desire for any type of drug. It's very expensive ,the first week in December I had to go cold turkey (due to no insurance coverage & no Moaney) the WD's from Suboxone was the worst thing I have ever went through in my life. It's wasn't a 3-5 day wd it lasted for over 15 days. The pain & aches ,ringing ears,lack of motivation,NO ENERGy & the depression is the worst i have ever experienced in my life. The I thought the WD's were so bad I could take 1 Lortab to help.Wrong answer . Ones is too many & a million isn't enough. (Lortab was my drug of choice) The WD's from Lortab isn't anything compaired to the Suboxone. I was taking 12- Lortabs daily, percoces 5-10 30 tabs daily & i had fairly easy access. (My whole famliy was dealing) TRUST me . For me the best thing was to stop everything because I didn't have the will power to take 1-2 with a pocket full . I don't think anything could be worse than the Saboxone withdrawal. I now am on no type of pain rx energy is starting to come back depression is easing up. I've said alot of prayers mainly for my stupidity for touching the first one. IT WILL GET BETTER I HAVE BEEN THERE IT"S HARD & YOU CAN DO IT.      

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by lizard33, Jan 12, 2011
I am currently trying to taper off. I tried 2 days cold turkey, and the symptoms were too intense! I spoke with rehab late last night on the phone, but it is just way too expensive. I can't just take a week off of work, and really don't want my bf of 5 yrs to find out. I am afraid and uncertain, but have faith in god and myself. I am 23yrs old and was prescribed lortabs for pain after a bad car accident, but could stop and start whenever I wanted...until about 6 months ago. I was taking 8 10mg pills or more a day, but have only taken 3 today so far. Does tapering actually help with the intense withdrawal, or am I just prolonging the inevitable? Thanks for reading, god bless!

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by tlmorgan61, Jan 30, 2011
Tapering does help if you can do it. If I had pills though, I would take them knowing I was gonna run out. You and God can do it together. Imodium for the diarrhea, showers make you feel some better from the cold sticky sweats, powerade and this vitamin supplement available at WalMart, E-Mergin or something like that, mix it in a small amount of water and really helps you with not eating during the worst of the withdrawals. Pray alot, I went thru this as you see on my earlier post. I finally got off with the help of God last July. So six months later I feel much better. Coping with back pain is still tough, but nothing compared to this lortab devil. The docs get you on it, then it takes more and more, then they want you off. Go figure. And I was a nurse for 20 years! I did it on my own the last time, hope I stay off. It is tough, but I got to where i went thru it every month, after my pills ran out until the next month. I would take 120 tens in four to five days. Plus more if I had money to get them. Praying for all that read this and are suffering with this dreadful addiction.

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by jnmmo2, Feb 20, 2011
I have had so much pain with cancer, lupus, and fibromialgia that I just wanted some relief. My neursurgeon said I am addicted to lorcet. After reading some posts I realize that he may be right. I have neen weaning on the lorcet omly taking 1/2 pill a day for a week. I worked down from 3 times a day. None of the doctors want to give a substitute pain medicine and I have no insurance. The chemo makes me feel so sick and in pain. My doctor said to take tylenol: can you believe it! I am taking tylenol but I should skip the tylenol and just drink the water for all it will do. My housekeeping is not good either.
I pray that I will be able to sleep again after I see the dentist for 3 teeth aching. Have any of you had toothaches as widthdrawal. Maybe that is the problem.

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by FibroHelp, Mar 24, 2011
How do you guys quit if you are in legitimate pain?? Like they have no idea what's wrong with me but I'm in pain from my scalp all the way down to my toes. Every part of me hurts. The bones in my shoulders grind against each other but show up normal on an MRI and Xray. There is no part of me that feels normal at any part of the day. Here's the kicker: I'm only 21 years old. I feel like an old person. I have a baby and I don't feel like a failure trying to take care of him because I can't do very much for him.

So my question: does anyone have any exercises that you do to get through the pain of the withdrawals? I began to take lortabs months ago every day and now I have run out. My doctor refuses to prescribe me more because he doesn't believe there is anything wrong with me because all the tests come back normal. So I have no choice but to try to push through this pain but the withdrawals are making it so hard and making the pain so much worse! I can't take it anymore! Please please someone let me know of any kind of relief. I really don't think I can quit them if this how I am going to feel. I just need to feel better and if I can't get through this I will end up getting them however I need to. And I really don't want to resort to that.

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by laurel453, Mar 24, 2011
Hi, Fibrohelp :)

This is an old journal and although there are some recent answers from people, the best way to get answers and support is posting on the abuse substance forum. There are a lot of people  that have quitted the pills they were taking for pain and tehre are also a lot of posts of people going through wds that can help you with the info and advices you are asking for. Meanwhile, you can find on the health pages, the thomas recipe and the amino acid protocol, where you could find some advices of some natural stuff to help you through the wds. All the best :)

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by needhelp234, Aug 13, 2011
thanks ever one for all your conments I've been taking lartabs 5 for 2 years now and even started bye them of the streets but now I'm done Ive been going threw withdraws for about a week and it is horrable I feel like Im going to die but reading everybodys conments I found some good ways of dealing with it jucies vitamins I sure hope it works I never want to feel like this again!! I started taking them also for period craps and had serguery 2 years ago so I thought they were helping the problem but I think it just made it worse to deal with. doing this cold turkey I hopes is the answer thanks to every one again for the helpful hints and sugggestins to help kick this evil habbit!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE GOING THREW THIS PROBLEM YOU ALL ARE IN MY PRAYERS!!!!!

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by sreneew, Sep 21, 2011
I have been taking 20-40 tens a day depending on what money i have to buy em or steal from anyone who has em this is my first 24 hours off since april i tried the dr i tried to get into a detox but im now forced to do it on my own im telling you its so not worth revolving your life around them i want them so bad yesterday i took 15 one last high b4 i went to dr but then they couldnt or wouldnt help i must get off my 3 babies need me back. its hard bc when i dont have em i cant get up n  do ne thing and when i take to many im to pilled out to do anything i was up all night and ive nvr gone over 24 hrs without so i dunno what im n for i hope i can do this ...........

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by sreneew, Sep 22, 2011
I feel powerless I  dont think I'm strong enough to do this !

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by PREVAIL111, Sep 24, 2011
ITS HELL BUT YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by PREVAIL111, Sep 24, 2011
It's amazing to read all these posts and to find out that you are'nt alone.
I could'nt tell you how long I have been doing the wonder pill loritab, at least I thought it was wonderful until people started asking me what was wrong with me, did I feel ok, You don't seam to be yourself, well unfortunatly they were all correct. My answer to them is I think I'm a little depressed. I'm a time bomb waiting to go off. my life is hell. Thank's to them I decided to look in the mirror.

I have my own business with employees, rental units, I'm right in the middle of two complete restorations on automobiles, my girl friend left me, deservingly so and I have financial crisis going on. The sad thing is I have isolated myself from everybody and everthing (No this isn"t a country song this is reality!)

What is amazing is how low you can stoop to abtain these I've done things totally out of character I'm embarresed to share them. I have no energy and you take the pill to pick you up and all it does is makes you feel beter about the position your in. One thing I learned is loritabs block your natural bodys ability to produce testosterone and you men know what that means, no ambition and no sex drive! I don't know what it does to women.

I'm on day 6 without having any and I have started to feel better, not the energy yet but I know I'm on my way. I winged myself off these pills in four days and when I stopped it was hell. No sleep, In and out of bed constantly. My legs and body felt like I had electric blankets under them turned up to the highest setting reguardless what possition I layed in.
I would suggest to start on a friday and plan on calling in sick on monday and tuesday if possible. You can funtion at work bairly the rest of the week. GET LOSTS OF MOVIES AND PREPARE YOURSELF FOR IT. If you have a friend or someone you can count on to support you recruit them. Odviously the best way is to follow a Drs suppervision but unfortunatly I to stupid and proud to expose myself. Eat good, drink lots of water and move, any way possible. walk whatever.You feel ten times better if you are active.

I  also gave up soda pop at the same time, Thats another mask that you think is helping you but its honestly hurting you.
I was drinking coke with my loritabs because I heard you got the optImal effect with the two together. B.S.
Our health is all we have and I'm determined to do this.

I wish everyone success and I will follow up in a 4 to 5 days.
Any advise would be appreciated.  

Best of luck"

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by 090869, Oct 27, 2011
I feel myself headed down the same road, does anyone know any alterative to pain meds??? I have really bad back and leg pain, do to a bad back injury.. if you could give me some suggestions i would love to hear them...

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by littlebit667, Oct 27, 2011
All I know is that my back pain is not as bad as I thought when off the pain pills.  I really think that the body manufactures pain to keep it on the pills.  A lot say they want to know where their real pain level is after stopping.  Then finding the right combo of otc and other things like...sauna, exercise, etc. to get relief.

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by 090869, Nov 03, 2011
Thanks littlebit667

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by showman04, Nov 11, 2011
i fill like i cant have any fun without haveing a pill and drink.the pills  make me fill like fishing,working on my car,sitting on the porch and watching cars go buy.i am a happy man on them.and dont need to stop.i can get the any time i need.been on them for 7 long as you take care of your body you dont have to stop.i live 2 miles from mexico and it just so eazy to get them here.and ther so cheep so you dont have to stop just make a

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by 090869, Dec 07, 2011
I tryed to stop the pain meds, and couldn't get out of bed for a day and a half. I was in so much pain, I strated taking just the ocyconton and then the loratabs 2 days later, and now I can move around again. I think I don't have a choice. Has anyone esle felt this way and tryed something different that worked????

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by Krimsonsky, Dec 10, 2011
Im now 5 yrs. Clean! Used to take 40 to 50 loritab 10s everyday! Kept a cup with me at all times cuz id throw up all the time and yes, if desperate enough and low on supply, I redrank it so not waste them! I wish that was my lowest point but I could go on and on with stories of deceit, theft, at work, at home, finnally losing a really great paying job, my reputation and almost losing my husband and children. I had often tried quitting, knew it was getting so out of hand and was in disbelief of the things I was doing. I cried for Gods forgiveness, yet still could not stop! Could not imagine living without them. Long story, short, ended up in a rehab, after almost 2 weeks of feeling bad but hopeful, came back home and the pain really set in! I was desperate to feel better but was determined to not go backwards so loritabs were not an option. Went to dr. bawling! He put me on cymbalta, 60 mg. per day. It took a full couple of mths to finally start feeling normal again! Today, I still take the cymbalta, im shocked and so happy and suprised that life can be fun, happy and full without a pill. I also want people to know how long it can take, so dont give up! If not for the great support I had im not sure I could have stuck it out! Not many people seem to get to the place I was and take as many as I did. I promise I took at least 40 tens but more than not 50 a day! I took 10, thirty minutes before getting ready for work just to be able to function! If I can do it, ANYONE can! It would take way too much time to tell the hole I had dug for myself, financially, spiritually, morally! it wasnt easy, but I crawled out! I wanted to die! From shame, disperation, heartache, embarrassement, heck just from the physical pain! I even entertained suicide, seeing how I had caused such distruction to myself but mostly seeing how my husband and my innocent children were paying from my addiction! Over nite, we practically lost everything! I barely dodged jail! I certainly deserved it! I say this, to give hope to those trully seeking a lite at the end of the tunnel.
stayed on the path to recovery, I slowly but      surely fought my way back. I discovered a life without narcotics! With the help of the right medicine, mine being cymbalta, I found life bareable and now five yrs later, ENJOYABLE! I have a wonderful life, financially, spiritually and morally recovered! Family in tact and now even a new baby! Its the hardest thing you will ever do, but it can be done! Please trust, I was the worst! I have it all back and more! Please also know that if I hadnt stopped, gotten help, allowed all my dirty secrets and sins out of the closet, if I had tried to keep it hidden and fix it myself, id never be where I am today, maybe not even alive! The first step to overcoming addiction is truth, to all! Especially yourself! Only then can you, your family and lovedones can even begin to heal. You may lose alot in the process but not as much as you will lose later! The sooner u begin, the sooner u will be repaired! God bless!

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by Krimsonsky, Dec 13, 2011
Iv gone back and read so many of these posts that bring back the memories, the pain, the scared too death feelings. Life revolving around ur pills, how many u have, how, long they will last, how and when to get more! The different stories of things done that are so against who u are! Desperate to quit, but so sick without them u cant work, function or even get out of bed! I ache for you! Its torture! I long to help! Your  not alone! The fact ur reading this means ur searching for answers. Ill go as far as to let u text me. I understand and I care! I dont answer no.s I dont recognize but if u text me that u got my no. here, I will text back. Id love to help u the way I was helped! (205) 913-1857. Ill even answer once I know this is what u want to talk about. Not a dr. , just been there and I know how scary it is!

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by 090869, Jan 02, 2012
Thanks for all the help and support.

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by Riley7656, Apr 17, 2013
First day without lortab and I have been in the bathroom on amd off all day. I have been taking lortabs for about nine months now but never any more than four a day. 7.5 mg or 10mg, whatever I could get my hands on. I'm scared to death at what has yet to come. Im a single mother of two and have no other option but to make it through this. Could anyone please tell me how long this will last? I can see that I did not take as many as most so I guess I'm hopin, praying and keeping my fingers crossed that that will help me with the withdrawals. Or should I expect it to be just as much hell for me as it has been for someone that was taking more?

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by Starrlee, Jun 12, 2013
I am so familiar with everything you all are saying. I have been taking the pills for so long, I honestly do not remember when I started. Sure, I had times where I was clean for a year (after awful wd's), but, for me, some new pain would always rear its ugly head and I would end up back on some type of pain pill. I recently decided to stop again.  My husband of 5 years and I had a huge fight and he actually told me that he thinks I only love him when I am on the pills. Can you imagine feeling that your spouse is only in love with you because they are on drugs. He made me want to stop. He told me he only knows the me that is on drugs. My ex-husband told me the same thing but added he liked the me on drugs better!  The pills are awful - the withdrawals are even worse and on top of all of this, 7 days clean this time, I am craving them so badly! I hate opiates and who I have become on them.

1416133 tn?1351126817
by ImDONENoMore, Jun 12, 2013
Starlee - that is exactly why you have to quit.  The ex that liked you "better" on the meds only felt that way because you were meeting some need of HIS and not your own when you were high on the meds.  You need to take your life back and be the person you were meant to be for YOU and no one else.  Don't let anyone stop you from getting there.  Good luck to you.  :)

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