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5 weeks today

Nov 03, 2007 - 1 comments

No spotting today yet, but after yesterdays call on the hcg # i suspect i will start soon.  i have been taking vitex, wild yam, false unicorn and cramp bark and hoping that will help me along.  my bloated belly has gone and now only have nausea.  i will get another hcg on monday and then go from there.  i only want to pass this naturally.  

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by grammy64, Nov 03, 2007
I have been following your posts and saw that Kellie posted for you yesterday but I never saw that you answered.  I just looked.  Just wanted to say i was sorry and we will all keep things crossed for some good news.  Chin up and dont listen to a man (doctor) who will NEVER be PG so will never fully understand no matter what.  That makes me pissy.  Hoping for good news for you. (Your little one in your pic is adorable!).


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