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A tad moody? Definatley sleep deprived.

Dec 03, 2012 - 1 comments

It's three in the morning and I can't sleep. I have five more days until the induction at which point I will be 39 weeks. I can't wait to hold the babies and will be so glad that the end of pregnancy has ended.

I think the worst part about being pregnant is all of the comments/stares you receive from others, especially in the last couple months. I have discovered recently that many people lack boundaries. Just this week I have had someone ask if I am eating for 3 (when I bought a small slice of pizza at the farmers market). My mother said I am huge and that my ankles look like 'thumbs.' A woman (granted she had DS) stopped what she was doing and literally stared at me in the library today, twice. I have had people touch my belly, and, my loving husband, who sometimes puts his foot in his mouth, said that he should probably hide under a paper bag for the next week (until the birth) "to escape death" from my ever swinging moods. It's pretty funny now, but it certainly wasn't after he said it. That was his response to bitchfest I was having about my best friend who laughed at me earlier in the day after I told her I was thinking about joining a gym so I can get my body back and get two free hours of daily daycare (this may seem somewhat selfish and idealistic, but whatever - I cant move my body and havent been able to for weeks. Sleep is gone. My body has not been my own for months - I even smell different. Besides, we do not have family near us to help out and I know that, while I already adore/love/cherish my LO's, I will need a sanity break from time to time). Happy mom = happy children, Non?

Anyway, before I went off on a tangent, I suppose what I am trying to express to you pregnant women out there and those trying to conceive, is to hang in and try to take rude comments with a grain of salt. I am really trying to get a grip and be humorous about such things, but it can be difficult at times. When you are so tired and sore from all the extra weight you have been carrying around for months, the last thing you want to hear is how big/fat you are. So, if anyone actually reads these journals, try to remember to take these types of comments in stride and perhaps prepare an arsenal of witty comebacks that you can use. They will happen, I am sorry to say. The worst ever, the question I get a lot from complete strangers, is whether I used fertility treatment and how the rates of twins are skyrocketing in recent years. My favorite response to this, one that I just heard, is 'hmmmm, if I didn't, are you going to ask me what position I was in?" Awesome.

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by hopeitworks, Dec 06, 2012
LMAO at the response to did you use fertility treatment. People are no buffer these days. I am sure you look amazing. You are carrying not 1 but 2 lives inside of you. You are also doing awesome 39 weeks with twins you rock!!
ANd yes happy baby=happy mom. SO if you need the gym as a out have at it. Your making a healthy choice. You could be dropping them off to do worse. Best of luck with your delivery!

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