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Weight Gain Galore!

Feb 10, 2009 - 1 comments

Omg...I have gained so much weight in this final trimester. It is so funny because it is all in my belly...I really don't have it in my face and I don't have swelling too much anywhere else...I am hoping that this is easy to lose. I WILL lose it...I just hope it is easy.. :(

Had Group B Strep Test. Waiting on results.

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by ovaz129, Feb 11, 2009
Hey... don't worry.  I have gained 33 lbs.  I have already set up a plan to loose the weight.  It is funny though, you mostly see it in my belly... but the other area it spread to was to tooshy and thighs!!  Guess I will be running like a maniac :)  We are going to Maui at the end of July so my goal is to have lost 99% of it by then!!!  I CAN DO IT!   lol...

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