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Birth control

Dec 03, 2012 - 0 comments

Birth Control









Okay well i am a teenager and I have been dating my girlfriend for about 7 months now and we have talked about having sex and have agreed we are both ready.  However we both agreed to wait until she was on birth control for the recommended period of time.  Even on birth control we plan on using a condom lower chances even further and protect from STD's.  About 3 month ago she began taking a a birth control alternative brand. (Same thing as the brand name but cheaper). She was told that it took three months to be effective.  She began getting slight rashing.  After two months past she had clued in that it started when she began taking the pills and would get better for the week that she cycled off. So after talking to her doctor she was told that the alternative brands, to not be totally identical are replaced a slight percent with other ingredients non related to birth control; and this was what she was what she was reacting too. She was then put on the name brand pill and the rashing has went away.  She has been on them for a month now and all together that fills the three month wait that was suggested.  My question is does the fact that they are identical pills, just no name and brand name change things and should I be waiting the full threes months of the brand name pills as well?

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