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Broken hearts & Suicide

Mar 10, 2008 - 4 comments

Love life and happy times
Are not unknown to me
But broken hearts and suicide
Seem to always be
In my thoughts and in my dreams
Impossible to escape
One night I'll reach for the knife
And bleed out all my hate

Will you miss me?
Will you care?
I was alone
I needed you there
Not even frightened
Brave as it gets
I took the knife
And slit my wrists
I died alone
On the cold hard floor
And all i wanted
Was you to dump that *****

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352798 tn?1399298154
by GoingToMakeIt, Mar 10, 2008
I sit here pondering how to respond
To a Girl so Young So bright and fair
Who knows not the joys of life
But thinks that is all for spite, and
That hate can be bled with a knife?

A heart so young and torn apart
Knows not how, to be restart
She knows that God showed her love
But denies the power from above
Her friends from here have reached out to her
But all she sees is life's a blur

She wonders if she'll be missed?
If we care or ponder her lack of bliss?
But how will she know if she's not here?
That we all love this dear.

To even think that life's so short
That you don't have a good report
To live is to learn and grow

Oh that I could be in your place
To have so many years to embrace
So young so frail and yet so strong
To live life to the full and to be around
To get my feet back on the ground

Oh there you are my dove
Ready to receive all this love
Oh my God, How did you know?
That love is what you made us for

466482 tn?1207144204
by joshdajunky, Mar 31, 2008
I can relate....**** that *****...anyway I'm josh what's up?

Avatar universal
by confused456, Mar 31, 2008
Wow, GoingToMakeIt, thanks, I could not find a response.

Josh, I am "confused456", most call me Thelma although that is not really my real name. Nice to meet you.

Avatar universal
by confused456, Mar 31, 2008
Sorry, justayounggirl........I should be introducing myself to you.
My apologies.

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