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It's a boy?

Dec 04, 2012 - 1 comments

I had my main ultrasound yesterday at 19 weeks and wouldn't it figure that the baby had its legs tightly crossed the whole time and hiding the goods, lol. My OB scheduled another scan for me in 3½ weeks to check for the gender again, so hopefully we'll see everything we need to see then so we know for sure what we're having.
The OB spent a long time trying to look between the legs, and never did get a clear, open shot. Whenever the baby moved even slightly, it was so quick that there was only a glimpse of what could possibly tell us boy or girl. Twice I saw what I thought for sure were clear enough shots to determine what sex the baby is, but the glimpses just went so quickly, and my OB never said a word to give a hint if she saw what I saw too. The first time, I am sure I saw boy parts...but it was entirely possible that I was seeing the umbilical cord instead; the second time, I am 100% certain I saw three lines on a flat surface, indicating that would be a girl, but...maybe that very well could have just been where the buttock cheeks begin their "split" between the legs, so...
There's just no way to know for sure, and like I said, during the scan the doctor never said a word, not even a sound to indicate she had any certainty of what she saw at any given time when it seemed she could have said something.
However, at the end of the scan, she told my husband and I that for all the time she spent trying to get a look that she thought she saw boy parts more than once. I asked, "On a percentage scale, how much would you lean towards one or the other?"
She replied, "I'd say my guess is 95% boy."
Hmm. Well honestly, I can't say that I'm buying into the "95%" yet, even though my husband is thrilled, lol. I've seen enough ultrasounds (two of my own and multiple pictures on this site) to know what I saw myself--which still leaves me saying my chances for either are 50/50.
I won't lie, I am sincerely hoping for a girl. I have two boys and...well...a husband, lol. It would be a nice change for me to have a change-up a bit in clothing style, toys, accessories and such. But mainly, more than anything, I'm hoping for a girl because the name we have chosen for a girl is in honor of my mom.
We are uncertain whether or not we want to have a fourth child, whether or not this is a boy or a girl. If it's a boy and we do decide to stop after this baby, then...I'll never have that chance to name a child of mine after my mom, which is really important to me for some reason I can't even figure out. I mean, it's just a name, right? Naming a girl after my mom, if we ever have a girl, doesn't mean that makes her my mom or anything like my mom, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal I guess. But it is. It is to me.
The name we have chosen for a boy has a meaning that is equally important to me as giving a girl a name after my mother. But...a boy isn't a girl, obviously. I don't know; I'm rambling now and hardly making sense to myself.

Anyway, for the time being, I'm going with the "It's a boy" scenario, mainly because I can't stand referring to my child as "it" and "the baby" all the time. I want "him" to have an identity that has important meaning to me, and for the next 3½ weeks, even if "he's" not a boy, then I feel better at least calling him by the name I want to give him. I can easily transition to the girl name if we find out otherwise with the next scan, after all! :-)

If my little guy is indeed a boy, his name is Asher Zane (Asher means "happiness" and Zane means "gift from God").
At my next scan, if Asher decides to cooperate then, lol...and we find out he is in fact a she--her name will be Laurel Evangeline (Laurel means "victory" and Evangeline means "bearer of good news"). My mom's name was Laurie, and we chose the variant Laurel to give our daughter the namesake with her own individuality to it. The middle name is not my mom's middle name, but the meaning is what has the most significance to us during the trials we've been through as a family since the death of my mom. I consider my mom's battle with cancer victorious because she fought so bravely for so long and never gave up. Since then, well...things have been tough, but bringing forth a new life, a part of my mom even, and it being such a welcome event in our lives during this time, is indeed "good news."

So, I can honestly say that I will be happy with either a boy or a girl. I have hopes for a girl, yes--but another wonderful, sweet baby boy would be quite the "gift from God" that I know will also bring us much Happiness. No matter what, I love this precious child so much already and I'm so glad we'll be welcoming "him?" into the family in four short months!

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by specialmom, Dec 04, 2012
Oh, well----  exciting.  It is so fun waiting to find out if you'll be team pink or blue and ALWAYS fun to see our little ones swimming around inside of us ----  even when they don't cooperate.  LOL  

I'm so happy for you honey.  The names are beautiful and the time of this is wonderful.  Let me know what they see in 3.5 weeks!!

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