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New Addtion to the Family (with picture)

Mar 10, 2008 - 1 comments

My wife and I have been tossing up the idea of a dog for about a year now to go along with our 3 kitties and pot-bellied pig. We wanted to get a puppy when the baby was still little so that they could bond pretty good. We both agreed that we wanted a smaller dog and my wife was supposed to get a chihuahua but that did not work out (thank God, I didn't really like that idea!) We both really like bassett hounds, but they were like 1200 dollars at the pet store, so we were pretty much out of luck - not paying that much for a dog.

Well, we went to the pet store with the kids on Saturday and saw a bassett puppy and it was still expensive. So we came home and got a paper and there was a breeder who had 8 (locally) last Friday. We called her and she said she had no more. We were pretty disappointed, but I started looking on the internet and was referred to a breeder in Kansas by the AKC. Long story short, we are getting our beautiful bassett puppy, Molly, tomorrow. I paid to have her flown here, so we have to go to the airport and pick her up. Even with the airfare, it was less than half as much. We should have fun! I have one picture here, and another in my photos. Just thought I would share!


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by krisglo, May 30, 2011
What a beautiful little girl!!! We have 2 bassetts..a 2yr old female Lily and a 1yr old male Huxley. The abslolute best breed we could have picked, although VERY stubborn in anything they do, they are very good with kids and just an all around loving dog. They love attention and are very comical! Their paws smell like corn chips (FYI) LOL!! I once purchased an American Bulldog from a pet store and paid 1500 for him and 6 months later had to have him put to sleep because he was very sick with parvo. I am very happy to hear that you did not go that direction. I hope you and your family enjoy you new addition!!!

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