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IUD baby

Dec 05, 2012 - 1 comments

So I had the paraguard (copper) IUD placed in march of 2011 - 3 months after the birth of our daughter. I was sooo happy with the results - no weight gain, no acne, no weird hormonal issues that I had experienced with any of my other methods of BC in the past, and best of all, it was a 12 year plan! The only change was a heavier period. Now, I admit I was not checking the IUD every month like I was instructed, but when I did, it was in place as far as I could tell. About 3 months ago, I saw my PCP for a disorder that I have been fighting for most of my whole life - NES (Night Eating Syndrome). This is a rare disorder that happens in about 1% of the population. I would wake up every hour to eat...I was starving at the point of awakening and doing it consciously but unable to stop it. After about 15 years of this hell, with no hopeful diagnosis, I had given in and seen yet ANOTHER doctor. This doctor knew exactly what I was going through and recommended the use of Sertraline (zoloft) to hinder anxiety which he figured was triggering the midnight eating spells. If the method didn't work, he was going to send me to a university sleep study. After 3 days on the meds, I had completely stopped waking to eat!! MIRACLE! After being on the meds for about 2 months - suddenly I began to notice my periods were so light (which was weird b/c the IUD had been giving me heavy ones for about a year and a half) that I began to think it was definitely the Zoloft. My DR asked if there was a possibility of pregnancy, but in my mind, there was NO pregnancy symptoms, and an IUD that was deemed "impregnable"....OK...about a week after that visit, I fell nauseous, weak and having heart palpitations. Also, still NO PERIOD yet...UH OH - there's NO WAY!! I checked my IUD..I felt the strings, I SWEAR!! A day later...I took the test with my sister-in-law - ****!!! It's POSITIVE?!?!  HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!!! I made an appt with my OB asap - this is very dangerous ladies, IUD in place WHILE pregnant...I read up on it..more than likely the embryo goes ectopic or your uterus would be perforated by the IUD or when they remove the IUD the embryo comes out with it. GREAT! I started to panic, I wasn't planning another pregnancy anytime SOON, but I MOST DEFINITELY didn't want to lose our baby! And a perforated uterus with the chance of death or hysterectomy? NO THANKS! So my doc has a look during a routine pap - the damn thing was hanging out of my cervix by one of the T's!!! Thank god our baby gets to live, and NO WONDER I was prego! Now here we are, 11 weeks along....again :)

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by misschilli87, Jul 15, 2017
OH my gosh! I have been going crazy with NES! I just started 25mg of Zoloft last night and still woke up to eat, but I'm praying that it will get better. What was the dosage that worked for you? I am so glad I saw your post.  This has made me absolutely miserable for almost two years now.  I have seem so many doctors as well.

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