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Blood Sugar 2/12

Feb 12, 2009 - 0 comments

blood sugars


Type II Diabetes

First day after 1/2 Meformin 2x a day
Fasting-140 (getting closer)
After breakfast (2 slices wheat toast w/ lite margarine, slice of reduced-fat cheese & 12 oz. apple juice)-216 Okay...still too much apple juice. I hate to give it up altogether...
Before lunch-161
After lunch (1 slice wheat bread w/ lite margarine & dijon mustard, slice of reduced-fat cheese & 2 thin slices of roast beef & salad w/ lite dressing)-201 Maybe I tested too soon after eating, I was too busy to notice when I actually finished & started. Or it may have been the dressing. I think I used too much.
Before dinner-121

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