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Day 174 - 9stone 12lbs

Dec 09, 2012 - 0 comments

I knew it would happen, despite my best efforts yesterday, the scales have tipped in at 9stone 12lbs AGAIN!!!!!  +1lb

The saving grace is that I am still below 10stone which is now my backstop.  I do not want to see 10stone on the scale ever again and I will do everything I can to make sure this happens (even over Xmas).  I need to get as far away from 10stone as I can before the Christmas break!

Yesterday was a good day, but as exepcted I have put on some weight due to the Christmas Dinner with the photographers at HCT.  I did eat very sensibly, I had parsnip soup to start (probably very high in calories as they say that chefs always tend to add more butter if a sauce or soup does not quite taste right!).  Then I had roast turkey (no skin) sprouts, carrots and cauliflower with gravy (calories probably well hidden in the gravy).  I did not have roast potatos – this was a conscious decision as I knew the other vegetables would suffice.  This was followed by pudding and then a mince pie.

In the evening I managed to force my body to do 60 minutes on the exercise bike and I really did try and put some effort into it.  According to my heart rate monitor I was cycling mostly in the fat burning range.

So, although I am disappointed in seeing the scales flip over from 9stone 11 to 9stone 12 I am still pleased that the actual weigh increase is only actually ounces.

As it is Sunday I am writing this blog earlier than normal and this morning I have already done another 60 minutes on the excercise bike.  This morning it really was a big effort as my legs were tired from yesterday.  However I have been spurred on by the weight increase and I forced myself to do the whole 60 minutes at a pretty sustained (tho gentle) rate.

I also spent about 45 minutes chopping firewood, and although I have no idea how many calories this burnt off I am content to know that it still counts as extra exercise.

I really want to see 9stone 11 on the scales tomorrow so I am going to be really careful with what I eat today.  Maximum 1000 calories!!!

Still I have lost a total of 39lbs so that is something to cheer

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