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my Daughter's seizures...

Mar 10, 2008 - 1 comments








ok, when my daughter was about 10 months old, she started having these small staring seizures. she would stare off, turn purple, and she would go limp. this happened about 6 times over a three month period. doctors did eeg's mri's blood tests, and all the rest above. what did they find? NOTHING... but a slightly larger brain than usual, but that it was just fine. they said that they were febrile seizures!!!  FEBRILE SEIZURES? WITH NO FEVER????????
so anyways, about 2 years old she had another few, this time a little longer and only at night. took her back to the doctor, NOTHING!!!  they said that she would probably grow out of them at 2 1/2 or 3. now she is almost 4, and at 2:30 this morning, march 10, my husband had just got in from work (and thank god he was home b/c he is the only one who can talk her through a seizure, i lose it) we had rented a hotel just for a little vacation(as we do that alot b/c my husband works so much, its just nice to get away) she was laying next to me and my son and all of a sudden she screamed out then almost sounded like she was growling, i immediately grabbed her up and she started convulsing horribly!!! i was terrified!!! i called for my husband, he ran out of the bathroom and grabbed her from me and started to talk to her. i ran a lukewarm bath hoping not to put her in shock, and she started to cry!! (that was the sweetest and happiest cry i have ever heard!) so i got her to drink some water, then he finally got her to talk a bit, but at this point this had been going on for an hour!!! finally talked to the doctor, he told me to let her pass out and wake her every 30 minutes. i did and when she woke up in the morning, she did not remember what had happened.
               thank you so much

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by Mickiedr, Mar 22, 2008
You need a nuerologist, an MRI and an EEG and while your at it I'd get a new pediatrician too!

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