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Dec 09, 2012 - 1 comments

I know I am really in tuned with my body...but should I feel the little flutter like I can feel the baby's heartbeat? I know I'm excited but I have been feeling it for the last few days. If thats what it is great but I dont want to think Im losing it I have 7 more months to go .... lol

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by Sherri90049, Dec 09, 2012
I'm sure everything is just fine! I don't think the HB is something that can be detected without an u/s or a Doppler. The flutters you feel must be something else. (implantation, uterus stretching, blood flowing to uterus, something like that?) :-) Maybe you should look into getting a Doppler so you can hear the HB whenever you want. I don't think they're that expensive. Maybe there are even some pre-owned ones out there. Hang in there! This is a sticky bean!

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