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day 11!

Dec 09, 2012 - 0 comments

It feels surprisingly good to be clean for so long (it feels long even though it's only been about a week).  I can actually think more clearly without the plots of of fanfiction distracting me.  I suddenly found a lot of time on my hands and I can do a lot of the things that I'd always wanted to try but never found the time.  It's awesome, but I'm still at the precipice; since I have all these free time, it's easy to feel bored and want to go back to just reading fanfiction for 6 hours at a time.  I hear this voice in the back of my head tempting me to do so, but now I'm ignoring it.  I think of all the things I'd given up in the past few years because of some silly romance stories, and I told myself never again.  I will not let down my family, friends, and my life.  I have so much going on for me and there's so much out there to do and see, it's a shame to waste it.  I'll be updating this everyday. :)

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