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Say Bye to Spider Looks Thanks to Endovenous Laser Treatment

Dec 10, 2012 - 0 comments

Varicose veins


Endovenous Laser Treatment



The varicose veins are caused by the one way valve in your veins falling and making the blood flow in the wrong way. The wrong way that it flows in is down towards the leg. The flow of blood increases pressure on the veins resulting in the dilation and formation of varicose vein.  The only way and treatment for the treatment of varicose veins is through Endovenous Laser treatment. It is also known as litigation ad stripping. The operation is performed in the hospital with general anesthetic condition and it very painful. For the treatment one has to take two week leave all the routine work that he or she performs because rest is important after the treatment. The treatment is more performed and available in Australia.

The procedure or rather the technique of the Endovenous Laser treatment involves to insert the laser fibre into the failed or incompetent vein with the help of light energy to heat or seal the vein. The wall of the vein sticks together and forms a scar tissue. As the time passes this vein scar is absorbed by the body. The advanced treatment does not include cutting, hospital admission or any general anaesthetic. The best part is that the individual can get back to work the very next day of the treatment. The long term result of the laser treatment is better than the traditional stripping procedure.

The varicose is like a spider, and no one desire such a body type. Making peace with your body is easy for you but not that with the spindly lines lacing the legs. With the laser treatment for it luckily you do not have to compromise anymore. The treatment can eliminate the spider or the varicose veins. The best part is that the treatment is swift and painless, erasing all the hassles of varicose veins. The ultrasound wave’s help in precisely pinning down the spider varicose veins are located. Some of the veins trail off under the skin, only a few of them are visible while the rest fade. The use of ultraviolet is done so that it removes all the varicose veins accurately. The anesthesia helps the patient undergo the treatment without going through pain but it is used only for few areas. The laser probe is done by inserting a small needle in the vein. The laser causes the vein to collapse, closing them so that eventually dissolve. It takes round about 30 to 90 minutes, generally depending on the area that is to be treated. Most of the patients return on the same or next day as the treatment. Compression bandage is applied after the procedure. The compression is advised to be worn for a week. Daily walks are encouraged but not the rigorous and extensive exercise for a week or two. Mild pain bruises and discoloration has to be expected after the treatment. All these side effects are temporary and generally the pain medications are enough to relieve the lingering irritants and it is cured.

Hence instead of suffering and feeling pity for you, you should take the treatment because it is nothing dangerous and complicated.

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