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The Big 40!

Feb 13, 2009 - 2 comments

Last night was my 40th shot!  8 to go!  I will tentatively say that I feel I am on the downward side now.  Taking my fortieth shot was actually more exciting than my 40th birthday (I hated turning to 40, although now of course it seems I was so young back then!)

Last night I realized that I began this 48 week treatment in my 48th year, in the year 2008.  In the typically human way of trying to find patterns in chaos and meanings in this life I am hoping these numbers will prove to be auspicious and that I will achieve SVR this year!

And it's raining, what a blessed relief.  Wednesday was the hottest day and night recorded in NZ in the the last 127 years, no wonder I was a Chernobyl-Head.  Today it is much cooler and I am much calmer, looking forward to a relaxing weekend...

I am much more positive than I have been in a while and excited to think I will be Leavin' La Vida Loca of TX behind in 8 weeks time!  

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by child24angel, Feb 13, 2009
Happy Birthday !!!
Congratulations !! only eight more to go !!!
All my best

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by lalapple, Feb 13, 2009
yay!  down to single digits already!  congrats!  it's also raining here today!

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