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Day 25

Dec 11, 2012 - 8 comments

Ok i'm home for a long lunch and thought i'd post in a is day 25 and i'm really tired this week......again....still get anxious at work especially....i'm usually pretty busy at work and that helps but it's like the minute i walk in the door i get anxious.

I'm hoping this eases up soon.....friends on here have told me it will....but will i lose my MIND until then??  it's just so frustrating and when i came home for lunch....the anxiety lessened....idk....guess it's all part of the process.

I know i need more exercise....walking etc....but i get so "lazy and tired" when i get off work i can't even imagine going for a body is taking longer to heal that i thought it would and it's getting me down.

But i'm on day 25!!  so that i'm very very grateful for!!  I'll just keep on keeping on and hope to see that light i've been searching for....and hoping and praying it's not a

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by cleanguy, Dec 11, 2012
My big anxiety turn was at day 28... was like a new person! Great job on 25!

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by Teresa1717, Dec 11, 2012
Ohhh girl, I feel your pain and I know your not patient (haha) but dont lose faith that this will get better. Everyones body is different so maybe yours is just taking longer to bounce back but you will get there. I know I sound like a broken record but It true. And when you do you can be the first to say Wow Teresa, You were right! hahahaha :)

25 days is amazing!!

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by toothfairie, Dec 11, 2012
thanks Clean!!!   i will hope for that in a few least day 30 i maybe will have lost some of the anxiety....and feel comes and goes...but past couple days it's been worse.....

And yea Teresa....since i'm's prolly taking longer for me to bounce back....hahahaha  and when I do get to feeling better more consistantly....i will for SURE say WOW were right!!  i'll be SO glad to be able to say that!!  

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by Dane74, Dec 28, 2012
Girl day 25 is great!!!!!  in time it comes back i promise!!!   They say the 90 day mark is the turning period but we are all different.  You have been doing fabulous, just take it day by day.  With each bad day comes several good days.  Keep your guard up as i was 70 days clean and had a relaspe , i am not telling you to scare you, i am telling you to be aware that it can happen when you least expect it.  Its so scary how powerful addiction is and how much it fU(k$ with our minds!!!!    Just keep on posting and be aware of your thoughts, we are all here to help you.  The anxiety gets better and better with more clean time....

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by toothfairie, Dec 28, 2012
thank you so much Dane!!  i am now 42 days clean!!  i feel still low but it is better!!  I can't wait til i can say 60 days, then 90 days clean!!  Never in a million years a few months ago i would be saying 42 days clean!  it's so awesome to wake up and not have to count pills for the day and worry if i'm gonna run out!  

thanks so much for the support! means the world to me!  i couldn't have done it without the people on here!  :)

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by ROSYouralright, Sep 03, 2013
Awww...., good journal post. I'm at 29 days and have tons of anxiety some days. Look how far you've come since this post hagateer...... Awesome!

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by toothfairie, Sep 03, 2013
thanks Rosy!!!  yea i read back thru my journals from time to time to remind me where i came from! does get so much better!!  

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by jimi1822, Sep 03, 2013
Day 25, AweSome 25 nails in the demons coffin!!! sending "Strength From Above!!!! =0)

         "Faith is the Strength in which a shattered world will emerge into light. . ."

                                                                                              ~ Helen Keller (1880 -1968)

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