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Just not eating

Dec 11, 2012 - 0 comments






Not only is it bad that I'm on all these pills, I don't even eat. I may eat once possibly twice a day. I haven't eaten since yesterday. Even if I do get hungry... I still don't eat. Growing up I was extremely anorexic (talking a size 0) then after I met my husband I was at a size 5 and blew up to a 10 in 6months then wound up getting to a 14-16. When I first hurt my back and was on the painkillers, I lost so much weight due to the pills, sleeping and not eating. I'm now at a size 5-6 8yrs later and and I'm so afraid of gaining the weight back. I know it's not good not to eat but I just have so much trouble making myself eat; mainly it's friends and family that make me eat. I think it's a combination of the pills as well as being depressed. Oh well... Whatever happens, happens.

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