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Feb 14, 2009 - 3 comments

I've noticed that I have started looking ahead to EOT and I'm starting to plan the things I hope to do when this crazy tx is over.  This is new.  It seems all I have been focused on of late is just getting through, putting one foot in front of the other.  I am surprised by the positive effect getting into single digits has made to my mental attitude.

I still have all the same constant issues, with a few new ones thrown in just to keep me on my toes, but when I get frustrated because I STILL haven't solved my itchy head problem - affectionately known as 'having an attack of the red ants" - I am able to think "it's ok, don't worry, this will be over soon"

This will be over soon.  What magic words...

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by zazza, Feb 14, 2009
I get a warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach for you. So you are down to single digits. That is so nice.


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by Kristina538, Feb 14, 2009
Yahoooooooo;  at last "This will be over soon"!!!   You're definitely one of my many heros Epi.  Nearly nearly there :-)

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by lapis, Feb 15, 2009
Wow, that seems so freeing, to be able to think about what you'll do after you finish tx.  I know it's been a long road for you.  So glad you're nearing EOT.

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