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good and bad news...

Dec 12, 2012 - 1 comments

OK.  I'm going to start with the bad news.  AF has reared her ugly head.  I am so disappointed because I really thought I was going to get my BFP this month.  Especially if you look at my opk results and BD schedule.  I am convinced my OPK's are off.  I know that your monthly cycle can be unpredicatable, but I thought the 2nd phase (luteal) was almost always consistent.  Well, if you look back at my charting, the opk's don't match up with my luteal phase.  I am giving up on the OPK's.  I never did BBT because I didn't really see the value in it because I was under the impression it only gave you information after the fact as to whether or not you ovulated.  Anyway...I think I will stop analyzing every little thing both before and after ovulation (easier said then done).  I have been getting very sore nipples after I ovulate for the past year now.  Every month I swear it's different than the last, and THIS is the month I will be pregnant...and I never am.  I SWORE this time my nipples and boobs were more sore than ever before.  I also read that sore nipples means estrogen dominance and not enough progesterone where as sore breasts on the outer sides of the breasts means higher progesterone..thus more likely pregnancy.  Once I read that I became so deflated because both times I was pregnant (an m/c'd) my breasts were sore on the sides..not in the nipples until around week 6 or 7.  So now I'm thinking maybe I am only estrogen dominant and there is no chance of concieving.  I am feeling so down about it.

The good news however is 1.  I am on facebook with an old college friend.  I nothiced that she looked pregnant in her very recent wedding pics, and a few of her posts indicated that she is.  She was a grade ahead of me in college so I looked up her birthday and she is indeed a year older than me.  I reached out to her privately and come to find out she is naturally pregnant..she conceived at 44yr and 3 months!!!  She was trying to the extent that she tracked her periods and cervical mucus, but that is all.  She said the key was alot of sex at different times during the day.  every other day.  Don't always have sex at the same time every day.  Ironically, I was looking up some other posts from a woman who is 45 and naturally pregnant..totally unrelated to my friend and she said the exact same thing!! Alot of sex starting at day 4 of your cycle and continuing all the way through.  This is what I am going to do for the next few months.  No more tracking.  I really am going to try to just have fun.  
good news number 2 is ..all of a sudden there are a plethora of women on her 43yr, and 45 year who are natually pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so encouraged by all of you and so very happy for you.  Because of you I am keeping the faith.  Any and all comments..good or bad are encouraged.  Thank you all for keeping me sane and listening.


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by stacey10, Dec 12, 2012
I do think you have a luteal ph problem and if your thinking your hormones are abit out of wack as well then I would reccomend trying vitex, it can take a while to work although I noticed it working within the first month of taking it, I fell pregnant on the second month of taking it, if your not into trying that then vitamin b6 will help with luteal ph problems, in regard to your opk's, dont discount them too much they are a good guide, you can have a few days of positives as, as we get older our bodies have to work harder at popping out an egg, and will therfore surge for longer some months trying to get that egg out, I always think its better to have longer opks than shorter lasting ones as you can always miss them :) also bonking every 2- 3rd day from around cycle day 10 is a really good guide, I wouldnt do it more than that as you want a good build up of sperm, just my 2 cents worth :)

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