What are you feeding your little one??? INPUT PLEASE

Dec 13, 2012 - 10 comments

Quinlan is on the whatever we eat stage
She use to do so great with all veggies now she is becoming a little more picky
She also was still eating the baby oatmeal and the Dr thought that was great because
of the vitamins etc. Well now she wont eat that anymore.

SHe loves all fruit, yogurt, cheese and avacado. Also will eat just about any pasta
She likes chicken, meatballs. She has had pot roast which she liked

Im struggling with breakfast and lunch for her.

I have tried: pancakes, waffles, oatmeal,cream of wheat, all these she takes a bite or 2 and thats it

Lunch I have tried, left overs, chicken cold with avacado and cheese she does ok with this usually, grilled cheese(yes and no), mac and cheese homemade she like this, lunch meat again ok with this

Just curious what others are feeding their little ones at this stage

Thanks :)

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by Mom2boys1980, Dec 13, 2012
I have a lot of recipes that I used with my boys when they were babies, and they ate well. I can try sending you a few later in the evening. They are also meals you and hubby can enjoy as well.

My 6 month is trying all the vegetables and she's doing okay with it. Even pasta, she tried and she loves it. I'm introducing different veggies and fruit slowly. Hopefully she will be like my boys and not give me a hard time :)

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by globetrot, Dec 13, 2012
we are about at the same stage.  I am putting pureed veggies in with some foods- esp. pasta.  I still put puree in their oatmeal- usually a fruit blend of some sort.  I give organic lunch meats bc they are easy to eat.  They also love yogurt cheese- I can find it sliced by applewood farms.  I was scrambling just the egg yolks but we were given the okay for eggs- so that will be next!  Last might I gave them hamburger with peas and carrots and they loved it.  Also given the go ahead for all foods they do not need to chew since they are a year- so contemplating peanut butter!  I confess we  are still on formula and probably wont change that until we get back from our trip to the UK- dairy is a bit different over there so I dont want to make a huge change.  
We have started playing with the spoon and bowl- but the girls like to stick their hands in!!!!

Wow- time is going so quickly.  Happy holidays!


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by JennaRie, Dec 13, 2012
Do you think some of it might be a texture issue? Eden loves plain Gerber green bean purees (which sound so gross to me) and also the vegetable mix one that's peas, carrots, and spinach, but she doesn't like eating actual green beans that we cooked in chicken stock (so yummy). That makes me think she just doesn't like the texture. Who knows!

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by PetiteWonder, Dec 13, 2012
Nreakfast has alwsys been hard forus. Turns out she is not a huge breakfast fun. We now alternate on abh betweem cheetios in milk and some toadt variety. Somrtimes french toast. We always do a fruit and then yogurt mosy days. Lunch i give her leftovers from thw night before with either fruit or veggies.

Try mixing quinoa in pasta sauce as an alternative to pasta. We do this for her she loves it. I have a great recipe for a red lentil sauce. I also make a spinach pesto for her and a spinach swiss cheese one. Both goo great with quinoa.

1396867 tn?1520813858
by hopeitworks, Dec 13, 2012
@mom2boys- I would love some recipes if you have a chance to send them my way!!

@jenna- it maybe i hadnt really thought about that because she does good with other things
and for example I make her sweet potato same as always and now she doesnt like them :/

@Petite- what is quinoa? I would love the recipes for both if you also wouldnt mind sharing

I appreciate all the input ladies. The kiddos are tough to figure out. SHe will eat fruit til the cows
come home! But veggies are just as important

Oh I can get her to do a veggie burger!! I have also mixed it up with gravy almost like a salsbury steak for something diff and she ate that also

Again Im willing to give anything a try and see how she does! :)

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by krichar, Dec 13, 2012
T loves mashed potatoes so I've done 50/50 mashed potatoes with puréed cauliflower, none of boys knew the difference lol!! I also am not too worried T has issues with veggies and meat :( I use a lot of peanut butter and fruit. I've tried sneaking the veggies in in fun ways but he always foils my plans. I figured if he's eating fruit and other things we are ok, he doesn't seem to be suffering :)

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by Helen72, Dec 13, 2012
My dd is the pickiest eater out there.  She eats very few things and unfortunately most of them are unhealthy  :(  I think she has a radar for deep fried foods...

She does eat a good breakfast though.  Her favorite breakfast foods are bacon (crispy), yogurt, oatmeal, breakfast cereals, waffles, etc.

982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Dec 13, 2012
Ooh... Try throwing fruit into the pancakes, I just buy "just add water" mix and thrown in whatever fruit I have on hand... He LOVES them them, cheese and crackers we have a lot of, apples dipped in yogurt (tried peanut butter but that was a mess) we keep berries o all kinds and he'll eat a 1lb clam she'll in a sitting if I let him. I boiled sweet potato, mashed it with a but of I salted butter and a pumpkin spice mix then piped it in little swirls on to a baking sheet and rebaked, them froze them easy peasy and he ate them right up, or anything mashed with applesauce goes down, lol

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by msfrank107, Dec 14, 2012
Jack is a fussy eater. But he loves  scrambled eggs. I got the recipe off the annabel Karmel website. It's 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of milk, a mob of butter, small sprinkling of cheese, some spring onion and a tomato peeled deserved and chopped. Melt the butter till its bubbling add the scrambled eggs and milk. Stir till it starts to become more solid then add spring onion tomato. Add the cheese when you take the eggs off the heat. Hope this helps :)

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by haz1104, Dec 15, 2012
Malik went thru this phase 2 months ago until i realised he's decided to take over the eating programme and select what to put in his mouth..making him hold th spoon and directing it to his mouth made things a whole lot easier..turns out the lil boy is trying to show mummy he's a grown up now and can in fact hold a spoon into his mouth lol..try doing that..let her take the lead...after all..they're the ones with the "little explorer" soul ;)

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