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Why do I seem to always screw up

Dec 13, 2012 - 1 comments







trust issues


lack of trust

Well I know I deserve it, but my husband can't and never will trust me. I have made a complete mess of my life. He doesn't understand just how much I love humans how sorry I am for hurting him in the past. I try so hard, but no matter what I can never take back the past. I wish there was a rewind button on life!

How horoscope for today is as follows:

My horoscope for today!  The most ineffective response to criticism is to become angry, insulted and defensive. When you do that, you actually give a lot more power and credibility to that criticism. Today, focus on what you can do to change for the better, not on what others say about you.

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by casanova72, Dec 13, 2012
I love you and will trust again.

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