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Crazy Sexy Cancer TBD!

Mar 11, 2008 - 1 comments

Cervical Cancer

On 2/20 after an abnormal pap and colposcopy, I was diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma and immediately referred by my GYN to an oncologist the same day. My GYN stated that I would need a hysterectomy with the possibilty of additional treatments.  

I went within minutes of hearing this diagnosis to the oncologists office and after a pelvic exam and review of my pap and colposcopy results he scheduled outpatient surgery on 2/26 for D&C and LEEP procedures.  On 3/4 my oncologist called to report both the Ectocervix and Endocervix cone biopsies had NO malignancies identified.  HOWEVER a specialist is now assigned to review ALL of my slides and further research needs to be done.  Needless to say, the call was short...  

In order to obtain up to date records, I requested/picked up my pathology results + blood work.  On my pathology report a diagnosis of Mild Chronic Cervicitis was diagnosed for Ectocervix and for Endocervix, Mild Chronic Cervicitis and Microglandular Hyperplasia was diagnosed.  This diagnosis was not mentioned the day of my call with the oncologist, however I am glad to have it in black and white in order to research and ask questions when he follows up in approx. a week after research is complete.  A day at a time is all I need to do, I have a BIG BEAUTIFUL LIFE to live no matter what is going on!

Approximately 6 months ago I purchased a great book called Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr because of her AMAZING atitude and example of living life.  At the time when I purchased the book, I thought, this will be a good resource in the event I have a client or friend who needs a positive-kick-*** resource!  HA - I AM SO GRATEFUL I had it for ME!!!  Kris Carr also has a forum/blog called My Crazy Sexy Life and it has been sooo helpful.  For more info. check out and for the forum go to
Also, her DVD documentary just came out.  Lots of great info. and inspiraton!

I would love to hear from you anytime, please feel free to contact me!  

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by Karenjp, Oct 09, 2008
My daughter saw you on TV.  She really liked your story, not because she had cancer, but because of your attitutude.  I am a Hypnotherapist in the suburbs of St. Louis.  I am a mom and raised my 4 kids on my own and I always talked to her about attitude and what it can do in your life.  You really AMENED all the work I have done with her.

She wanted me to contact you and tell you about the other part of my business.  I am also a Juice Plus Distributor.  I have been able to be a stay at home mom since we were told we were and an inconvience to my ex-husband.  

Juice Plus+ is 17 raw fruits and vegetables in a capsule.  It is the most researched nutracuetical in the world.  The research is done by major hospitals and universities around the world. Please take a few minutes and check out my website and the information below.

With the cancer in your background how about having these nutrient dense fruits and vegetables that work in snergy every day of your life flowing through you blood.  Think of the DNA repair, 66% in 80 days, and all those free radicals that were in your body due to chemo and cancer are reduced 75% in 28 days.  Oh, yes what about balancing your immune system.

We can guarentee this because we have the research.  We are literally building the body back from the cellular level.  

I hope you do not look at this as an add.  This is a heart felt message from a mom who knows what it is to turn your life around by your own self talk.  Thanks for your time.  Karen Kankolenski

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