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You can stop flossing or  taking out the trash now

Dec 18, 2012 - 3 comments

The world will come to an end in just four days, and that's a huge relief because it means we can all finally stop flossing. I doubt your dental health is going to dramatically change before 12/21/12. You can also stop taking out the trash and paying all your bills.

Over the next four days, we can pig out like obese, flatulent kings, paying no heed to the mountains of junk food, pies and donuts we consume, since obesity won't really matter after the Mayan calendar comes to an end on December 21st and the universe implodes.

We can stop returning rented DVDs... Tell people what we really think, right to their face... Ask out that pretty girl (or cute guy) you've always admired on the off chance that they might have liked you too. What's to be afraid of? We're all dead in four days anyway.

Or, you could use the time to ask for forgiveness. Earn a little heavenly karma by engaging in random acts of kindness. Work to make amends in the few days you have remaining.

The choice is up to you. There are only four days left: What will you make of them?

The LIFE question
In truth, your physical life on this planet is quite limited. It may not be four days, since the Mayan calendar prophecy is a wild misinterpretation, but it might be four thousand days (about eleven years). It's certainly not forty thousand days, as that's over a hundred years.

So the real question becomes this: You have X number of days remaining in your life. What will you make of them?

Whether X is 4 days or 4,000 days isn't really relevant. Your physical life experience is limited in duration, and that means you have a limited amount of time to fulfill your purpose for being here.

What is that purpose? I believe it is to experience personal growth and learn how to love. This is what most of the NDE survivors (Near Death Experience) report when they return to Earthly life. In the moments after this life, they are judged on their spiritual growth, the ethics of their actions, and whether they learned how to love.

Your clock is ticking, even if it's not the Mayan calendar driving it. Each day that passes is one less day you have available to practice love, forgiveness, compassion, ethics and morality.

The universe isn't coming to an end on December 21st, but your physical experience is coming to an end before you know it. When that day comes, and you face judgment for the totality of your life's actions, how will your life appear in the eyes of the universal Creator?

That's the question worth considering this coming Friday, the so-called "Mayan prophecy" day.

And when the world doesn't end on Friday, you may wish to interpret that as all of us having a second chance to do better. How will you use the rest of your life to do better?

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139792 tn?1498589250
by Dalubaba, Dec 19, 2012
yes we have stopped flossing. Of course, I have got an  artificial denture.Yes, I did go to all doom story.Anyway we are prepared to welcome the doom day perceived by Maya culture.In Hindi, Maya means untruth or outward Show.Let us see how my calendar works. Co incidentally we met all relatives of my daughter in law in a marriage function. My daughter came from CA to attend the marriage and be with us for 15 days. I think we are well prepared for Maya's prophesy.  

535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Dec 19, 2012
hi Dalubaba I am not prepared at all I hope it doesnt happen but will keep an open mind ..

535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Dec 21, 2012
well its Doomsday .....whats going to happen first

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