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I think my cat is pregnant!

Mar 11, 2008 - 1 comments

So my cat (Mishka) has been acting really weird today and yesterday. I know she was in heat because she was acting funny and would take off ALL day long until dark. Then last night she came home walking REALLY funny and she meowed really loud when I would touch anywhere near her tail area.

I think she had sex for the first time!!! She is only 6 or 7 months and is still really maybe it was painful for her?!

Today she went outside but came back after an hour and has been laying on the couch next to me. And she whines every now and then she she moves. Poor girl! well...... at least I wont be the only prego around here!!

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by JoyRenee, May 10, 2008
So did you ever find out if she was pregnant for real?!

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