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Sleeping is not workin

Dec 20, 2012 - 6 comments








I can't sleep at night even when I do take my sleeping meds. I even tried 1 1/2 amibiem. Well lets just say I slept alright. I couldn't even open my eyes till 3:15 pm granted I didn't go to sleep till 6ish in the morning. Then get up eat 20 grams of junk. It's not helping that I am itching and I have RLS only with my left leg. If its not one thing it's another. I wish I could get into a pattern and be active a little bit more. But to get motivated is very hard for me right now. What to do. It seems that I feel better at night time as far as my symptoms. Minus the itching and RLS oh let's not for get not sleeping. Help

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by Advocate1955, Dec 20, 2012
Ask your doctor if he will prescribe Hydroxizine (Atarax) for itching and Ambien (Zolipidem) for sleep.

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by trolleater, Dec 20, 2012
  I found that ambien cr works better to keep me asleep, I myself have a very hard time sleeping, and then add the itch....the only problem is with my insurance ambien cr has a higher co pay...something to look into, maybe your dr has a sample, I know that they came out with generic but the co pay is the same for me..

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by Revalation, Dec 20, 2012
Ditto to Advocate's suggestion. I found Atarax worked well for me. Ambien works just OK , but some sleep beats no sleep any night.


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by Idyllic, Dec 21, 2012
RLS can ruin any sleep pattern. Ceanothus has some good insight on RLS.

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by JustASetUp, Dec 21, 2012
As the newbie to the group, I appreciate all comments and information you all are giving me.  Please tell me, when did the symptoms begin.  Had second Pegusus injection yesterday and to date my biggest problem is slight body aches and mild headache.  Am I one of the lucky ones, or will it get worse with time?

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by Star971, Dec 21, 2012
I am on my 6th wk and for me it was okay the first few wks. but now they seem to be getting worse but that is just me and you could do fine. Everyone is different from what I read. I'm currently on ambiem and klonpin and neither of them seem to help out with sleep. I try not to sleep during the day but I can't fight it. Now I have been Nauseous for the past 3 days that I don't even want to eat. The thought of it make me want to puke. The zolfran isn't helping me so my dr prescribed me phenergan however u spell it. I really hope this goes away soon. I wish you the best of luck on your tx.

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